500th Time Reborn, A World Only Known By Women: The Karma System

Chapter 338 Demons

I sniffed the air and then fell back to the ground as the Mana Runes in my eyes activated, and the forest lit up with blue and yellow markers. There were some reds, but there were all in the Watch Tower. I dropped to the snow below and landed softly.

This new form made me light as a feather, and there were other interesting things, like the black needles that had replaced the hair on my tail. Each of them was Siphon Spikes that would drain at targets blood to me. Strangely enough, I didn't smell any blood, so that meant that the monsters were not feeding.

This was fine, and I searched out the first pack of Boar-wolves and circled around them before they spotted me. These Boar-wolves had the body of a wolf but with the head of a boar, and they were covered in silver fur with red eyes like Hellhounds.

There were seven of them total from what I could tell as my Mana Runes scanned over them, so I figured this was enough to make them want to fight me, but then I noticed the two reds next to them. These two were monsters that I had not seen before, and one looked like some kind of demoness. She was tall and slender with long white hair and black horns that spiraled up from the sides of her head towards the back, along with a black body suit that showed off most of her impressive Angelic body.

The other was a large muscular woman with red skin as if she had been burned all over, but it didn't seem to bother her as his mouth was full of large teeth, mostly canines like mine in my panther form right now. She wore nothing more than some ragged brown pants that only just barely covered her groin area, making her look naked even though she wasn't at all.

I was sure that these were demons, but I wasn't sure why they were both here? I thought that there was only supposed to be one per town? I decided that I would wait and listen to see if I could learn something about the other demons and the Black Goat Cult. I could take them both out and all their pets, but getting this information out of them from eavesdropping was much easier than torturing it out of them after.

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"Torrain has been rocky, but this is the first time that it truly seems like we are being overrun." The female demon said, who was still in the air, and then she floated down as if she weighed nothing. "The darkness wants so many things from us, Mephistia! And yet it doesn't give anything. It is like a child screaming for attention all day." The female demon gave a high-pitched giggle that made me want to claw out my own ears. It was so annoying.

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"Vaalbara, please! We must remain focused on our goal, or you know what will happens when it comes!" Responded the large muscular woman with red skin. "The darkness only comes when it is called upon by either Bellazibub or death itself."

Can these two be any vaguer? I thought to myself as I rolled my eyes under my black Panther form before Vaalbara started speaking again in that high-pitched voice of hers while she floated close to the other demoness in some kind of sick attempt at affection that only seemed one-sided.

"I know, but it is so hard to focus when there are so many delicious things to eat! Especially when they are so weak like these humans. I can understand the cattle, but why do you insist on keeping them around? They just seem like more trouble than what they are worth?" Vaalbara asked as she started to circle Mephistia, who was standing rock-still with a condescending look on her face that told me that she had dealt with this before.

"You remember what happened last time we alienated them," Mephistia said plainly and harshly, making Vaalbara stop and float next to her as if waiting for orders. "That is why we have been ordered not to feed off of them for now."

"For now? So we will get to eat them later?" Vaalbara asked eagerly, and I saw her eyes light up with hope at the thought.

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"You know better than to question the darkness," Mephistia said to her and then looked around as if sensing something, but I knew that she couldn't sense me. I was like a ghost in the wind right now because of my new form, so they were completely unaware of me. "The shadows are restless. You need to go and calm them down. Make sure that they know our Master's will."

"What about the guests?" Vaalbara asked, but Mephistia just scoffed at her and waved a hand dismissively as she started to walk off into the forest where I was hiding behind some bushes spying on them.

"You can bring whoever you want from your pack," Mephistia said plainly. "Just make sure that they do not feed on the humans, or we will all pay." And with that, she started to walk away, but that was when I stepped out and revealed myself to them, and Vaalbara gasped as soon as she saw me.

"It's that God!" She exclaimed in fear as she looked to Mephistia for guidance, but it was too late for that because I was already on top of them before they could even react.

I appeared behind Vaalbara and grabbed her with both hands, and lifted her high in the air before smashing her down onto the ground hard enough to crack it before slamming my hand into Mephistia's face, blasting several razor-sharp black needles at her, pinning her to the tree. Thin lines of blood flowed from me, and I reveled in the taste as I brought Vaalbara to my face.

"I think that we need to have a little talk," I said as I smiled at the bleeding demon.

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