Another Stupid Isekai

Chapter 794 T.D.O.N.B: The Iron Fort

Tihana's lips moved in a very obvious manner, as she said a silent 'Fuck you' to me. It made me chuckle. Then I jumped at the boss, and tore it to shreds in a very violent display of power, just to pick up the crystal left by it, and once again threw it at John. I guess he got the message.

Then I took us to the iron fort, the location I've never described yet. It was beyond the jungle with the weird crocodile-like, lizard-like creatures. It was surrounded by a rocky wasteland of dark, ashy earth, and jagged stones protruding from the underground. Sharp like teeth of the earth, or maybe claws.

Among those wastelands was a barely visible road, with many creatures patrolling it. They were tall, but not bigger than humans, and usually had some type of armor or. At first glance, you would link them with dragons, because of the shapes of their heads, and the sharp teeth often sticking out. They had scales, covering their sin in different colors of black and red mixed together.

Usually were armed with a single-hand weapon, and carried heavy shields, which didn't seem to be a burthen for them at all. Sometimes you could spot one or two with a large sword or axe.

At the end of that mentioned road was the iron fort. It was dark, with spikes on the walls, and units armed in heavy crossbows patrolling the walls of the rectangle-shaped defensive structure with four tall towers. On top of those were ballista, ready to shoot heavy bolts at you,w which made the place quite dangerous.

But not for me!

I stopped everything coming our way with my 'Telekinesis' ability, so there were quite a few bolts with iron heads just locked in the space above us.

I also squashed the enemies like bugs on my way to the gate. You could open it without using that much force since it wasn't blocked in any way, but I still slammed it with my fist, making the wings burst out of the hinges and fall inside, taking the lives of a few creatures on the way.

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It revealed to us a few lines of the draconic soldiers waiting for us on the other side. There was a big chunk of them laying knocked down under the heavy doors I just smashed. You could see arms, and legs sticking out. Sometimes even a tail.

Its work mentions that some of them indeed had tails, but not all.

With a thundering battle cry on their lips, they tacked, charging at us with no fear. I responded by summoning my horde of shadows, which clashed with the draconic warriors. The regular, weak voidlings got decimated, saying un hundreds under the blades of the enemies, but the stronger ones, especially the fiends, were more effective. Their strength was enough to trash the creature, breaking their lines, which opened a possibility of a more fair fight, as the chaos was a friend of my minions.

That was due to them being weaker, but having the advantage of numbers. Every time one of them died, a new one got summoned, so the amount stayed at the same time, slowly but surely overwhelming the enemy.

- Jesus - said somebody behind me observing the violent clash.

For somebody who saw such a fight for the first time, it was really something, as the voidlings were showing their violent side, and the sturdy draconic warriors were perfect for its full display, as they didn't go down easily as goblins did.

The blood was everywhere until it would vanish alongside the creature which spilled from its veins. My minions weren't strong enough, except the fiends obviously, to just one shot anything there, so they slowly clawed their way through.

The disturbing show ended soon though, because the lines collapsed thanks to the heavier shadow creatures, and that only opened a path for total chaos. The situation snowballed quickly in favor of my soldiers, which soon ended with a total victory.

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I unsummoned everything after they picked the crystals, and approached the iron building in the very middle, to enter the dungeon.

It was dark inside, and the walls were your enemies too, as it was easy to cut yourself on the jagged spikes sticking out almost everywhere. To prevent this I summoned a swarm of firebirds, and we began slowly pushing forward.

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The dark corridors inside were perfect for the hunters to try themselves against the monsters, so I proposed this, and soon we knew that there was no chance they could hunt in this place any time soon. I re-took the baton, and went to the frontlines, pushing forward until we finally reached the boss room.

Behind the door with the symbol of the world tree engraved on the surface was a round chamber with once again the bowls filled with burning oil, providing the light.

The middle was occupied with a throne. Black, quite similar to what I saw among the roots of the world tree. Sitting on it was a massive mix of a crocodile, a human, and a dragon. Wearing red and black armor, and holding a massive axe.

It was somewhat noble in its appearance. The crimson scales covering its skin had this effect. At least that's my guess.

To not prolong the hunt, as we already wasted a whole day, I just jumped forward, tearing the creature to pieces.

It only solidified my position as a monster among the sheep. It also concluded our hunting expedition for the day. It was quite disappointing because the hunters faced the harsh reality of how weak they really were compared to the monsters around us. It made them understand that even if I were to allow them to go to those places, they wouldn't be able to clear the spots. A clear cut of their greedy cravings.

We all returned to our homes, where those who focused on the first-tier hunting grounds, were already waiting to find out how it went for us.

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