Back For My Daughter

Chapter 971 Two Father’s Who Are Beyond Comparison!

As for the others people in the Yuan family, it was better to say that none of them had ever cared about Yuan Meng.

And that was also the reason why no one even thought anything when Yuan Meng left and never came back to the Yuans.

It was like, nothing ever changed, whether she stayed there or not.

And this all was known by Le Zheng.

"SIGH, eldest miss has suffered all her life, and the time when she was supposed to be enjoying her childhood, she had been crying her heart out and no one ever cared about her except for Old Master and third lady."

Le Zheng let out a sigh of disappointment.

Yuan Meng, although came from one of the biggest families in the country, still had to live in such a manner that no parent would want their child to ever want to.

"The third master was also always cold to her, SIGH, why would he treat his own child like this, how can he even have the heart to be so cold to eldest miss."

Le Zheng shook his head thinking of a person whom he felt didn't deserve to be called as a father.

And thinking of that figure, another figure appeared in his mind.

These two figures were worlds apart.

It can be said that in no circumstances would he ever be unable to differentiate between the two.

The reason was that he knew that first figure too well.

As for the second, even if he had only met for less than a week had made a deep reverence and respect in his consciousness.

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Of course, it was not just because of the power the second figure had, but also something that his eldest miss had never gotten all her life.

It was the care, gentleness and love that the second figure was filled with.

And also the cruelty that one would need to have when facing some enemy or someone who would want to harm their loved ones.

Le Zheng was more than clear about the incident that had happened about a few days ago at the outskirts of the city.

And if he previously only doubted that it was just his thought, but right now, he was more than clear about it.

It was because the coldness and killing intent that he had felt from Ye Qian a few days ago was not something that he had ever faced.

For him, it was like he had stood opposite to an ancient beast which could kill him with just a flap of its eyelashes.

The sense of dread and the fear that just a glance had imparted in his soul was enough to make him know that it was none other than this same figure whom he revered for having a good heart filled with love and care for his family.

This kind of feeling was something that was completely opposite but he still felt it from the same person.

And he obviously knew the reason why Ye Qian might have killed those people.

He had known that Po Tian was threatening Yuan Meng, but all he was made to do was to keep her safe from the background and let her to never know of his existence.

It was Yuan Ji's order since she was sure that the moment Yuan Meng were to know that there were so many people guarding her, she would not feel any good and would ask to nod do so.

But no matter how much Le Zheng wanted to beat up Po Tian and even kill him, he could not do so.

The reason was simple, there would be a way or the other that they would be found out.

And this would leak their whereabouts to the Yuan Family which would further reveal Yuan Meng to them, which was definitely not something that he or Yuan Ji wanted even in the slightest.

But with Ye Qian doing the deed, Le Zheng had gotten a sense of belief that the young man whom they had thought was just so so before was someone whom no one could dare to go against.

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Even remembering the scene that he had seen in the building a few days ago made him still shudder in fright.

He had killed many people himself when in the special forces, and after entering the Yuan family's guards although he had not killed someone, he didn't feel even the least bit of fright or dismay when he would see blood or bodies lying in front of him.

But what he had seen that day, albeit it was just the photo had made him shiver from fright while his heart turned cold.

It was because even for someone who had killed a few and was used to seeing blood and dead, this was something that was just too much.

Hand and legs lying on the ground pulled and smashed, was something that would make even the most cruellest person to have a sense of dread in their hearts.

Meanwhile, as he let out a sigh a figure flashed in front of him and seemingly started to walk towards the gate of the gate.

"Hey, stop who are you!"

One of the subordinates who was sitting on the chair while eating the noodles asked with a loud voice.

The figure stopped right there but after a moment without even taking a look around started to walk towards the gate.

The figure had appeared from the other side of the road and thus none of them felt any kind of suspicion.

And the more important reason was that the figure looked more like a beggar.

The tarted clothes that the person as wearing and the body which almost looked as if all that was left was bone would make anyone feel sorry towards the figure.

But that was only for an instant and the guards who were here right now definitely would not feel any kind of pity towards anyone.

It was because their task to guard their eldest miss was more important than anything else.


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