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Chapter 176 - Prediction from the Cannoneer

Chapter 176: Prediction from the Cannoneer

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At this time, the other team members also thought about the consequences of this shot, and their faces suddenly changed.

“Let’s go!” the leader said in a low voice.

Then, everyone immediately moved to the north.

At that moment, the sound of a sniper rifle was heard.

The powder bullet coated with ions instantly traveled hundreds of meters and hit the team leader’s arm.

The white powder exploded, and the huge kinetic energy even made the group leader stagger.


The ion reactor on the team leader’s chest was immediately activated. Thick smoke billowed out, indicating his elimination!

All of this happened in a flash. It was only when they saw smoke coming out of their leader’s chest that the rest of the team members realized that their position had been exposed.

“Hurry! Run!”

The pupils of the leader of the first group contracted. He did not expect to be eliminated so early.

At the same time, he also realized that he had been shot by a sniper. It was equivalent to the entire team’s field of vision being completely exposed to the sniper hiding in the dark.

Furthermore, the rest of the blue team was already heading toward the edge of the desert. Without the sniper’s restraint, the effect of the red team’s sniper would be magnified infinitely.

He roared, and the surrounding team members immediately reacted and scattered.

The continuous gunshots that followed immediately verified his thoughts.

At the place where the rest of the team members had been standing, the soil had been blown into the air by the powder bullets used in the drill.

“D*mn it, the plan that was so close to completion actually failed because of a hedgehog.”

The leader of team one felt aggrieved. The rest of the team members were fleeing in all directions, and it was very likely that they would be caught by the red team members lying in ambush.

His heart was filled with pain.

However, at this moment.

An Ion Cannon shot through hundreds of meters of desert. It smashed into the forest not far away from him, instantly bringing up a cloud of thick smoke.

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“F * ck, awesome!”

The gunner who saw Party B actually managed to determine the position of the red team’s sniper with just a single gunshot.

The leader of team one’s eyes lit up.

However, according to the rules of the drill, he had already been eliminated and could only walk out of the area immediately. He had no chance of going to support his brothers.

Even though he was a little disappointed, he was also happy for the Cannoneer’s attack.


quick, get the cannon over here. This time, I’m going to eliminate the Cannoneer who’s causing trouble.

In the depths of the forest, Shen Qing, the remaining team leader of the blue team’s first team, who was originally prepared to give chase, started to curse for the first time.

The red team had gained the upper hand twice in a row, but both times were pulled back by the enemy cannoneers.

To Shen Qing, if this child was not eliminated, it would be difficult to dispel the hatred in her heart.

The team members at the side immediately set up the ion Cannon. Shen Qing slid to the side of the ion Cannon and quickly adjusted the muzzle. She did not hesitate to press the button.

After the opponent fired a shot, he would immediately adjust his position. The earlier he activated the prediction, the higher the probability of success.

That was why he looked so anxious.

The cannon shot up into the sky and came crashing down.

The pink light enveloped a large part of the forest, but there was no smoke.

“F * ck!”

Shen Qing cursed in her heart. He had clearly adjusted the data but did not cause a kill. It could only be said that he had failed in this psychological battle.

After the failed firing, they could only pick up the cannon again and rush back to the camp.

On the other side of the blue team area, the team members had already arrived at the surrounding bushes.

When he saw the red light Rising not far away, he immediately gave the Cannoneer Lin Zhe a thumbs up.

“I can’t help but be impressed.”

“If we had retreated to the right, we would have been hit by the cannon.”

“I can tell that the red team’s shot was a little emotional.”

that goes without saying. Our team accidentally exposed our position and one of them was eliminated by their sniper after much difficulty. In the end, we were happy for less than two minutes before our brother Lin made us even.

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“If I were to encounter this kind of thing, I would also be sullen.”

Faced with everyone’s praise, Lin Zhe smiled and shook his head. I’m not as impressive as you say. I’m just making a bold attempt based on the information I have.

“AI, you can’t say that. If it was me, I might have been schemed against. I know Shen Qing very well but I can’t do it to this extent.”

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The captain of the blue team, Li Yi, said with a smile.

He and Shen Qing had been dealing with each other for a few years.

Not only had they been in the same military school, but they had also been good friends in private.

But even so, he still could not figure out Shen Qing’s character and thoughts.

However, Lin Zhe, the Cannoneer, was able to read the other party’s mind. This ability was not ordinary.

“Alright, class monitor. Let’s hurry up and set off. If we delay any longer, the remaining six members might be in danger.”

Lin Zhe took out a maintenance cloth to wipe the ion Cannon and then said seriously.

yeah, you’re right. Let’s set off now. The red team will definitely not let go of a group and turn around to attack us. Now is the best time to cross the desert!

Li Yi stood up and immediately gave the order. The rest of the people followed him without hesitation.

Half a minute later, the five team members carried two ion cannons and set off directly into the desert.

At this moment, most of the red team members were already retreating back to the camp.

As for the snipers, they had exposed their positions by firing earlier and were now moving to other places.

This allowed the Blue Zone’s second team to successfully pass through the desert and directly enter the red zone.

Only the two Scouts had seen the entire process.

we can’t stay here any longer. Almost all the people in the Blue Zone have come to our area. If we divide them up to investigate, we won’t be able to win the battle later.

One of the scouts said with an anxious expression.

that’s true. There’s probably only one Scout left in the Blue Zone guarding the base camp. We can’t just sit here and wait for death. Let’s go!

That person also felt that this was inappropriate, so he immediately agreed.

The two of them hit it off immediately. They first informed the other members of the blue team through the walkie-talkie that the members of team two had entered the red zone.

After that, he immediately called Captain Shen Qing and requested for an emergency dispatch.

Captain Shen Qing immediately agreed and the two of them also went down the mountain range and met up in the direction of the first group.

Now, both sides only had thirteen members left.

The blue team left one person behind to defend the camp.

On the red team’s side, there were still three snipers adjusting their positions and preparing to intercept Team 2. The rest of the people joined Team 1 and formed a defense team. They would surround and attack Team Blue before Team 1 and Team 2 met up.

At this moment, speed was extremely important in war.

Whoever could make the first judgment would have a greater chance of winning.

In the blue team’s first group, those members who had scattered earlier due to the sniper’s gunshot had already gathered together at this moment.

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