Cross Dressing In A Fantasy World Full Of Magic

Chapter 168 Grandelle

And like that, our training was finished. A month had passed since we entered. While it was nice to have a lot of mana in this place, it was also torturing.

All our hard work and sweat now paid off. Everyone was now more ready than they could ever be. With our work, everyone's motivation to win was now at an all-time high.

Before we left the training area, Cynthia had a few words. "Before you leave, let me give you some last-minute advice."

"Even if your opponent is weak, never let your guard down. The strongest competitor who is stronger would mostly lose because of this." Cynthia tried to warn us that our arrogance would be our downfall.

"You will all be representing this country. All your mistakes would go toward the country, so do not mess up." She was pretty intimidating when she said that, but it was natural for us to be on our best behavior.

And with that, our time here was now over. We would leave, and we would be teleported to the place where the tournament would start.

I had already told Livie that we wouldn't be coming back. So, I told her to watch it at home if the place was too far.

"It was a pleasure teaching you all, and best of luck to all of you." Cynthia, for the first time, smiled.

Everyone who saw this couldn't help but be shocked. The drastic change around her was one-eighty.

After Cynthia said that we had teleported away, we arrived with Cynthia as our guide. She should have some information about where we were.

We were inside a dark building. The guards were around the area, keeping an eye out for everyone. We arrived, and a guard had walked out on us.

"Welcome to Grandelle, country of the sky." Grandelle? The country where only winged humans reside.

Grandelle was a unique country. Unlike the other countries, Grandelle was a floating island large enough to be a country on its own.

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"May we know which country you're from?" The guard, a winged person, asked, curious where we were from.

"We're from Star State," Cynthia replied without us needing to.

"Star State?" She eyed us, observing every one of us.

"The tournament will start tomorrow. Make sure you know the location of the tournament area. You wouldn't want to be late for an event like this."

"All of your lodgings had been prepared. Go out, and there will be a guide arriving." Doing what the guard had said, we went out of the building.

Exiting the building, we could see the country. The air around me felt different, the place was windy, and the buildings were small.

"Teach, you haven't told us anything about the tournament. What time would it start?" Maddison asked Cynthia when the tournament would start.

"It would start early in the morning, and it would be best to rest early." She answered Maddison in the easiest way possible.

Looking around, I could see someone flying toward us. "Welcome to Grandelle. I, Shia, will be your guide."

Shia who could fly must be a magician over the fourth rank. Her being a guide must mean that she wasn't someone we should take lightly.

"Follow me, and I will give you a quick tour around our city." Shia hurried along with her speed. She looked like she wanted to get this over with.

Observing our surroundings, there were many mixed-race that could be found anywhere. Due to the tournament, many foreigners worldwide are in this city.

Shia then led us to the tournament stadium. The stadium was an enormous building that I had never seen. It was impossible to miss the size of this thing.

The stadium could fill millions of people. Just being here was intimidating. Imagine being on the main stage where everyone here would watch your every action.

Just performing here would make anyone famous, and I imagine myself fighting my competitors and me stomping them.

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"Is this stadium brand new?" I had to ask out of curiosity.

"This was built in a matter of minutes by a dwarf expert." Magic sure is impressive. Everyone except for Cynthia looked shocked by what Shia had said.

"That was built in minutes..." Maddison muttered silently, but everyone could hear what she said.

"With your talent, you would see much more impressive magic." Cynthia had said, telling us to get used to it.

Moving along the stadium, Shia then introduced the high-class restaurant and entertainment center. It was a shame that we wouldn't have much time to visit places like these.

After the tournament, we would leave right away. Cynthia said we would be crowded if we didn't leave, so it was better to do so early.

Shia, who had guided us, ended our tour by going to a hotel where we would lodge. Shia wanted to ensure we were well rested and left us to our own accord.

Our hotel lodge had four rooms. We would be paired in two with Cynthia on her own. Serena, who was someone I was very comfortable with, was my partner.

The room we were given wasn't big, but the place we were in was very functional. Entering the bed, Serena, who was with me, immediately stripped.

"Someone is in a hurry," I said while looking at her.

"Even if we were together for a month, we haven't had any action." Serena looked frustrated when saying that.

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"We weren't given any privacy during the month." What I said was true, and I wasn't wild enough to test it out with our instructor nearby.

Before Serena could do anything, someone entered our room. Caren, who was rooming with Maddison, had entered our room.

"Am I interrupting something?" Caren didn't expect Serena to be naked.

"No, Serena likes being clothless. It makes her comfortable." I made a lie, hoping that Caren would believe it.

Serena, who heard me say that, couldn't help but admit that she was an exhibitionist. In the end, we solved this misunderstanding.

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