Cultivation Pet Shop

Chapter 831 Deal (1)

After being slammed into the wall, the Flying Dagger Gang's boss spat out a mouthful of blood before being able to stabilize himself.

Once his condition was stable, he looked at the weasel covered in dark flames in front of him and his eyes quickly filled with shock as he said in a voice of disbelief, "Nascent Soul Realm Beast?"


His voice hadn't been loud, but everyone had heard it and the moment that they did, they all took in a cold breath before turning to look at the weasel cloaked in dark flames with looks of disbelief.

There was not a single one of them that doubted the Flying Dagger Gang's boss. If he said that this was a Nascent Soul Realm Beast, then this would definitely be a Nascent Soul Realm Beast.

The Nascent Soul Realm, that was a wall that none of the four rulers had ever been able to break…And even the pet of this kid was at a level that was higher than them…

Seeing this, the bosses of the Snow Feather and Big Sabre Gangs all prepared to leave. However, when they tried to leave, they found that there were already two beasts that were waiting beside them, both of which had the same aura as that Nascent Soul Realm Beast.

These two were without a doubt Nascent Soul Realm Beasts as well!

That meant that this kid controlled three different Nascent Soul Realm pets and it was unknown just how strong he was…

Finally, the situation sank in and they realized how big of a mess they were in.

After a long moment of silence, the two gang bosses couldn't help looking at Lin Fan with shocked looks that had a trace of terror in them as the Big Sabre Gang's boss asked, "What do you want with us?"

Lin Fan looked up at them with a smile before turning to the Flying Dagger Gang's boss and saying, "I want your organizations to fall under me. You'll still run your organizations, but you'll fold under the larger organization that I'm about to create. Does that sound good?"

He might have had a smile on his face, but when he said these words, they felt chills run down their back.

That was because while he had a smile on his face, the cold intent behind his voice was clear.

He was the one that was holding their lives now and if they valued those lives, they would listen to his orders. It would take just a single flip of his hand for those Nascent Soul Realm Beasts to execute them.

After all, it wasn't like they could do anything…

They were only in the Child Soul Realm and these were true Nascent Soul Realm Beasts. The gap between the two sides was like heaven and earth.

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Seeing that they had no choice, they could only give a nod in agreement.

Lin Fan didn't really care about them in the first place, he only really cared about the Flying Dagger Gang's boss. He could tell that there was something special about this person and he wanted to bring him under him.

Even with the situation that he was in, the Flying Dagger Gang's boss didn't seem like he wanted to submit. It was clear that there was something that he was struggling over that prevented him from agreeing to Lin Fan's conditions.

But there was the situation that he was in right in front of him, so he really didn't have a choice.

After a moment of silence, he said, "I want to talk to you alone before making this decision. Can you at least grant me that?"

Lin Fan narrowed his eyes to look at the Flying Dagger Gang's boss before giving a nod in agreement.

He helped the Flying Dagger Gang's boss up and then the two of them headed off to a private room that had been prepared ahead of time. Lin Fan had already expected that something like this might happen, but he had thought that there would be more people with backbone than just this Flying Dagger Gang's boss.

As for the others left in the room, not a single one of them dared to make a move. That was because there were still three different Nascent Soul Realm Beasts watching over them, ready to knock them down as soon as they made a move.

It didn't take long for Lin Fan to come back with the Flying Dagger Gang's boss, but this time the Flying Dagger Gang's boss followed behind him like a subordinate. When they came to the center of the conference room, the Flying Dagger Gang's boss even fell to one knee and said, "Boss, I swear to follow you from now on."

Lin Fan nodded with a smile and said, "Un, I'm looking forward to it."

All the other gang bosses looked at each other, but in the end, they had no choice but to follow the Flying Dagger Gang's boss and bow to Lin Fan as well.

With this, the matter was settled.

Lin Fan left the rest of this matter to the Demon Wolf Gang's boss and Xia Liu who had been hiding in the shadows the entire time. He trusted that they would know what to do now that he had already subdued everyone there.

But of course, to make sure that everything was safe, he also left behind the three Nascent Soul Realm Beasts.

As long as those three were there, he was certain that no one would dare do anything.

Not to mention that the Flying Dagger Gang's boss had completely come to his side. After their talk just now, he had guaranteed the Flying Dagger Gang's boss' loyalty since he had promised to help him with his revenge.

Lin Fan didn't waste any time at all as he headed back to the office where Xin'er was waiting for him. However, when he arrived, he could tell that something was different.

There was nothing different about the office itself or the people there, it was just that he could feel a strange aura coming from within.

When he arrived at the daycare that had been built for Xin'er, he found that she was still there, but she wasn't alone. There was a sharp dressed man with glasses who was currently playing with her.

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The problem was that Lin Fan didn't recognize this man at all.

If Xin'er hadn't been there, he would have pulled out his sword in an instant and put it at that man's neck right away. However, since Xin'er was here and with how close the man was to Xin'er, he couldn't do anything to endanger her.

The sharp dressed man noticed that Lin Fan was here and he tapped Xin'er on the shoulder before pointing to Lin Fan. Xin'er's face lit up when she saw him and immediately ran over to hug him.

Lin Fan happily greeted her as well, but he also made sure to keep an eye on the sharp dressed man who slowly came over.

After letting her hug him for a bit, Lin Fan separated from Xin'er and asked, "Xin'er, didn't we say that we couldn't play with strangers?"

Xin'er looked at Lin Fan with a confused look as she asked, "But this isn't a stranger? This is uncle Jiang, he's brother Lin's friend, isn't he?"

The sharp dressed man who had been called uncle Jiang revealed a smile in response to Lin Fan's sharp gaze before turning to Xin'er and saying, "Xin'er, how about you go over to the side and play for a bit? Uncle Jiang has something to talk about with your brother Lin."

Xin'er's eyes were a bit glazed over as she gave a nod and said, "Un, I'll play over on the side." Then she ran off to play with the toys that were scattered without even looking back once.

Lin Fan narrowed his eyes even more as he looked at this sharp dressed man surnamed Jiang before saying, "Spiritual laws? Mind controlling powers?"

The sharp dressed man surnamed Jiang clapped in response to this and said, "Very good, you got it in one guess." Then he revealed a polite smile as he said, "Let me introduce myself, my name is Jiang Gan and I work for some people that have taken an interest in you."

Lin Fan narrowed his eyes even more as he said with a hint of hostility, "For you to even come for Xin'er, should I assume that you don't have any good intentions?"

Jiang Gan raised his hands to feign innocence as he said, "I'm not here with any intentions, I just wanted to have a talk."

Lin Fan still looked at him with narrowed eyes as he asked, "What do you want?"

Jiang Gan said with a smile that was like the smile of a sly fox, "Well, you've been making some big moves, gathering all the gangs in the outer and middle parts of the city. Did you really think that no one would notice what you were doing? What you've accomplished is what you've been allowed to accomplish because you're following the plan that they've set out for you."

Then Jiang Gan's face turned serious as he said, "Now that it's come to this, naturally there will be many people who will be approaching you with different offers since there are quite a few resources in this city that they want."

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Jiang Gan revealed a smile once again as he said, "Naturally that includes my superiors."

Lin Fan knitted his brows after listening to all of this.

This was what he had already expected, but he never thought that they would move so quickly…

So what should his next move be?

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