Cultivation Pet Shop

Chapter 832 Deal (2)

Lin Fan narrowed his eyes to look at Jiang Gan for a while before finally asking, "How far do your superiors go?"

Jiang Gan said with a sly smile, "I can't tell you exactly, but you're free to let your imaginations run as wild as you want."

Lin Fan gave a snort before saying, "Must not be that high then."

Hearing this, Jiang Gan couldn't help saying, "They still have more than enough power to give you what you want." His eyes turned cold as he said, "You shouldn't underestimate the people who can crush you like the ant you are."

Lin Fan just said with a smile, "Is that so? Then I'm more than happy to wait for them to come and crush me."

Jiang Gan knitted his brows for the first time since he had arrived.

He knew that Lin Fan was going to be hard to deal with since this was a person that had done what had never been done before, but he never expected him to be this hard to deal with.

But after knitting his brows for a bit, he suddenly broke out in laughter before saying, "You're even more interesting than I imagined." After laughing for a bit longer, he stopped to say, "You're free to act however tough you want, but I can tell you that the others won't be as gentle as me and you might suffer a bit from them. I urge you to make your choice as soon as possible."

Without waiting for Lin Fan to give an answer, Jiang Gan walked right past him and out the door. But as if he had suddenly remembered something, Jiang Gan suddenly turned around and came back in.

Lin Fan had still been lost in thought, so he didn't notice him at first.

Jiang Gan didn't care as he just said, "I almost forgot, but here's a card for you to contact us with."

He pulled a card out of his chest pocket and with a single flick of the hand, it was inserted into the wooden door frame, just hanging there.

Without another word, he walked out and soon disappeared.

Only when he was gone did Lin Fan come back to his senses and walk over to the card to pull it out.

There was only one thing that was written on it, "True Power Gang".

There wasn't even a name on it, it was just the name of the gang and a location to contact.

But the name of this gang made Lin Fan knit his brows.

He had already learned the names of the major gangs in this slum city and this True Power Gang was one of them. They were one of the ten most powerful gangs in the inner city and not only that, they were rumoured to be backed by a family from the Mu Stellar Kingdom.

Of course, it wasn't just the True Power Gang that was backed by a family from the Mu Stellar Kingdom. All of the ten most powerful gangs were backed by different families from the Mu Stellar Kingdom.

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Even if they disdained this place and wanted to keep it far away from them, the nobles of the Mu Stellar Kingdom loved money above all. Even if there were few resources in this place to begin with, there were still resources and they wouldn't deprive themselves of them.

So they had backed their own powers here in the city to siphon out resources for them.

Of course, the strongest powers in the slum city were those that controlled the gate that kept people in the slum city and the bank that managed the money system, but those were all managed by royals.

That's right, even the royal family didn't give up the meagre resources from this slum city. That was just how greedy the people of the Mu Stellar Kingdom were.

But this was all expected by Lin Fan and even all a part of his plan.

After all, his goal was to leave this slum city and reach the Mu Stellar Kingdom capital. Unless he made contact with someone that had the ability to do so, then it would be impossible for him to leave this slum city.

That was where these Mu Stellar Kingdom nobles came in.

With their power, it was as simple as waving their hand to bring him and Xin'er out of the slum city and help them resettle in the capital.

The only problem now was choosing which one to work with.

Until he got enough information on the various noble families behind the gangs, it would be hard for him to come to a decision.

It wouldn't have been a problem before when he was alone, but now that he had Xin'er, he had to carefully consider which ones to work with. After all, almost all of the nobles had connections to the royal family.

The royal family was the last group that Lin Fan wanted to work with because he knew that they were the most dangerous ones to work with. Even if he had no other choice, he still wouldn't work with them since he knew that it was only a matter of time before they would come for his life.

Not to mention that there was also Xin'er's secret to account for.

So no matter what, the royal family was out.

But how could he gather information if he was stuck inside this slum city?

Perhaps it would have been a problem for others, but for him, it wasn't a problem at all. That was because he had a little life hack called Brainy.

Before Jiang Gan had left, Lin Fan had attached one of Brainy's smaller puppets onto him. It was so small that Jiang Gan hadn't noticed anything at all, but it would still transmit sound and image from around Jiang Gan to Brainy.

It was an easy way to find out who Jiang Gan was working for and who those people were allied with.

Of course, it wouldn't work if he only bugged Jiang Gan, he also needed to find out about the other ten strongest gangs in the inner city.

But he also had a plan for that.

Over the next few days, as he had expected, they made contact in various ways. However, no matter how they made contact with him, they always made sure to send someone to meet him.

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That was because they wanted to threaten him.

All of the people that had been sent were in the Peak Nascent Soul Realm just like Jiang Gan, so they were of no threat to him at all.

Perhaps they scared the normal residents since those in the Nascent Soul Realm like them were considered enemies that they could never defeat, but they weren't worth anything in Lin Fan's eyes.

But since they can, Lin Fan wouldn't let them leave for free.

He would have them do some business for him, as he attached the same bug that he attached on Jiang Gan on everyone who came.

All of them returned back to their gangs without knowing a thing and gave up all their information to Lin Fan.

With this information, Lin Fan easily made his decision.

It wasn't the True Power Gang that Jiang Gan represented, it was the smallest gang out of all ten of the strongest gangs, the Swift Lightning Gang.

That was because other than the Swift Lightning Gang, every other gang was associated in some form with the royal family.

It wasn't that they were controlled by the royal family, but rather the nobles behind them were associated with one of the princes that were trying to take the throne. This was very common since if the prince that they supported was able to take the throne, naturally there wouldn't be a lack of benefits for them.

The noble family behind the Swift Lightning Gang was from the neutral faction who were content with watching, so they didn't have any connections with any of the princes.

Of course, that wasn't to say that this family was weak.

There was a reason why they could form a neutral faction, which was that they were strong enough on their own that they didn't need to suck up to any of the princes.

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The only reason that the Swift Lightning Gang was so weak was because they didn't care that much about the slum city.

But this was perfect for Lin Fan.

So the Swift Lightning Gang was the one that he chose to cooperate with.

To set this up, he sent someone to make contact with the location on the card that was left for him and when that person came back, he had the location for a meeting that the other side had set up.

The only thing that worried Lin Fan's subordinates when they learned of this meeting was that Lin Fan was to go to this meeting alone.

Even now they still didn't know the limits of Lin Fan's power, but they knew that if Lin Fan went alone, it would be very likely that he would be heading into a trap.

But Lin Fan didn't mind this since he knew that this was something that would come eventually. The other side had to see what kind of power he had before understanding how to deal with him, so he didn't mind showing them a bit of his power.

The only thing that he would have to worry about is if they sent a World Realm Expert, but that was very unlikely that they would send one to a place like this.

However, even if they did, he still had a way to deal with it.

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