Dungeon of Pride, Laplace

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Even the orc general himself did not predict this attack coming and thus was unable to invocate the space magic to run away in time.

BAM… a muffled sound like that of thunder, was heard as Berigard was hit squarely by the attack.

"Hmph, that ought to teach you some lesson. Too bad that you won't be alive to learn it" Giz-Mogo patted his hands after executing his skill. The [Aura Blast] attack was one of his most advanced skills and was powerful enough to claim the life of anyone below the disaster class.

Naturally, he thought that the orc would be done for after being hit by his attack. Though the next second his eyes widened to their limits when he saw a silhouette come out unscathed. What's more astonishing was that, just like the mana aura around him, there was a similar kind of aura enveloping the orc.

The aura slowly wiggled around and quickly repaired the damage it had suffered. Seeing this scene, Giz-Mogo had no doubt in his mind that the aura enveloping Berigard was none other than the [Mana Aura] only a beast above a disaster class should possess.

"What?! This… how is this possible? Y-you have reached the disaster class?" Unable to contain his shock, the ogre asked.

Berigard was silent, he neither confirmed nor denied what the ogre said. This was a secret that only he knew about.

Generally, Berigard shouldn't be able to perform a technique that only a disaster class being could use since he hadn't yet reached that level yet. Not to mention, his physique which was more adept for magic, was unsuitable for a technique such as [Mana Aura] that was used by warriors.

No matter how genius of an orc Berigard was, it would be impossible even for him to execute such a technique. That is if you didn't count the soul bones that he possessed.

Soul Bones were a special object that could be harvested only from a beast that have unlocked its beast inheritance. However, unlike the beast inheritance which contains all of the power of that beast inside the core stone, Soul Bone is something that contains a part of the spirit of that beast.

It is different from beast inheritance in that one cannot learn the abilities and the power of the beast from the Soul Bone and can only use their abilities through the consent of the spirit.

Additionally, just like how a beast only has one core stone, only one soul bone can grow inside the beast. Another thing to note was that the appearance of a soul bone is even rarer than getting the beast inheritance of a beast from their core stone since not every beast grows a spirit.

The reason why Berigard's friends, the beasts in that laboratory were able to form soul bone even though they haven't unlocked their beast inheritance was because of the experimentations done on them.

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The laboratory he was sent to, was particularly researching on developing Soul Bones and had it not been for that outbreak in the lab, and their subsequent sentence to death in the coliseum, he too would have had to go through the same process until he developed a soul bone and lost his self in the process.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the researchers weren't able to get their hands on the Soul Bones that they were researching so badly. In the end, Berigel's and Berimist's Soul Bones had fallen into his hands.

Anyways, it was thanks to the assistance of the spirits of his friends inside the would bones that he was able to use abilities beyond his current level and class and stop an ogre far beyond his level.

"No, judging by your presence, you are yet to reach the disaster class. How are you doing this, what kinds of tricks you are using?" Giz-Mogo spoke, it could be seen from his words that he was unable to accept nor understand how the orc managed to use [Mana Aura].

Taking advantage of this moment when his enemy was in a state of bewilderment, Berigard started conjuring Tempest magic, the only magic in his arsenal capable of hurting the ogre.

Wild winds raged chaotically across the Blackfield affecting even the weather itself. Small and big twisters appeared everywhere disturbing the war that was going on in full force.

The other orc generals who were currently engaged in a fierce fight with Gir-brothers, also stopped their assaults at this moment to glance in the direction where they felt an enormous amount of mana congregating.

The power of an advanced magic especially AOE was so powerful that it is capable of even changing the topography and tipping any situation in your favour. But then again it also takes an enoumous amount of mana, concentration and time to invoke a magic like that.

The time that is needed to cast an AOE advanced magic is so long that it is enough for the other party to reach where you are and attack you dozens of times. Especially in a place like a battlefield, if one invokes an AOE magic, they are the first one to be targeted by their enemies.

As could be seen earlier when Berigard was attacked by one of the ogres that toppled down the wall just by invoking an AOE intermediate tier magic. Resorting to using AOE advanced magic that takes even longer, one could only see it as a foolish choice, one that only someone who is truly desperate, would think of doing.

"Grururu… is that the foolish orc that dared to challenge Sir Giz-Mogo? No wonder, he does have a few screws loose. To think that you all had your hopes on that guy… Grururu" Gir-Rago who was engaged in a battle with Berirock, cackled.

"Shut up!!" Berirock barked and re-engaged in a life-and-death battle with his enemy.

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'Berigard what are you planning?'.

The area where Berigard and Giz-Mogo were fighting, was an empty space filled with the marks left behind by their battle. The area was equally avoided by both the ogres and orcs so as to not get caught up in the aftermath of their battle.

At this moment, the place was the very eye of the storm with a humongous hurricane taking its form. Berigard who was at the centre of all of this, was fully focused on conjuring the magic as he released wave after wave of powerful mana which was then channelled into the magic.

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"This is the first time that someone got on my nerve this much. To think that you would try to conjure an advanced magic before me. Looks like I have been severely underestimated. Did you really think I would be unable to stop you from casting your magic?" The ogre muttered in frustration.

"Very well, then I'll let you feast your eyes on what it means to be a disaster class" The moment Giz-Mogo said that, the power he had been suppressing all this while, was released in full force.

It was as if a dam had burst open, the ripples released out from his aura shook the ground for miles. The pressure from a disaster class being realising their full power, was so great that it bore down on everyone present on the battlefield like a mountain.

The might of an ogre born with a crimson horn was displayed at this moment.

Giz-Mogo flashed a satisfied smile as he felt the power rushing through his body. The crimson aura enveloping him, turned darker and darker until it looked like his body was on fire. Afterwards, he rushed towards the stationary Berigard, stopped when he was only a few meters away from the latter and delivered his most powerful skill.

[Force Bomb] a skill that gathers the entire aura around the user into a single point to create a sphere.

Giz-Mogo clasped both of his palms together and focused all of the mana aura around his body towards his palm. Little by little, the aura he released started dropping, devoured by something that was on his palm until all the mana aura around him was gone.

The entire face of the ogre had become pale; nonetheless, he did not stop and put all of his remaining power into it.

<strong>Zzzz… </strong>at this moment, the space around Giz-Mogo fluctuated and a crimson light started seeping out of his palm.

The aura that seemed to have been devoured by something appeared once again. Though this time, the pressure that bore down on everyone, was many times heavier and more powerful than before.

When he opened his palms completely, a small sphere silently floated in his hand. The sphere that was created from the skill, was as small as a golf ball and was blood-red in colour. At a glance, it looked quite beautiful to look at... that is if one discounted the berserk amount of aura it emitted and the distortion of space around it.

After the skill was ready, Giz-Mogo glanced at the distant Berigard and slowly pushed the crimson sphere towards the latter.

To the onlookers, it seemed as if the sphere was travelling at the speed of a snail. Though in actual case, it tore through the space and was upon Berigard in just seconds astonishing all the peering eyes.

Giz-Mogo intending to teach Berigard a real lesson, did not hold even a bit and used his full power, the power of a disaster-class ogre to dish out his most powerful skill.

Even if the orc was somehow able to use the mana aura skill, he was sure that this attack would end this fight.

Berigard who was currently invoking an advanced magic, still needed a few couples of seconds to complete his magic and during this period of time, he cannot spare a moment of attention somewhere else much less move from his positon.

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