Global Killing: I Could Plunder Talent

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"Congratulations on your successful killing of the water god magic dragon. You got 2000 extra attributes and got 30000 trial values. Your judge level reaches level 40, you are automatically promoted to the judge master. All the attributes were increased by 6000 points. Your combat power has reached 9600 stars."

Dick didn't even look at the magic dragon. He was running out of time. Once Caitlyn found out that he had stolen his hidden box, he would probably have no time to remove the soul seal on it.

With a wave of his hand, the corpse of the magic dragon was transferred to a hidden space by Dick. Then he rushed into the water cover and grabbed the hidden box in his hand.

With the activation of the time talent, Dick created a special space around his body that could slow down the time flow rate. Then, soul talent was fully opened, and he went all out to break the soul seal on the hidden box.

The soul power on the hidden box was extremely powerful. Even Dick spent more than ten minutes breaking it.

However, under the effect of the time force field, only two minutes had passed in the outside world.

"Announcement on the first floor of the life attic: Congratulations to Dick for obtaining a hidden treasure box and 1000 points of the Halidom."

The moment Dick broke the seal on the box, the announcement resounded through the first floor of the life attic.

Countless people stared at the sky in shock, especially those demigod-level masters. They couldn't figure it out anyway. Their strength and soul power were much stronger than Dick's. Why did Dick get the hidden treasure box?

"Your name is Dick, right? I'll remember you. How dare you take my things away? Remember it! The great Anubis will definitely cut off your head and make you pay for your arrogance."

Somewhere in the life attic, Anubis looked at the treasure boxes in his hands and sneered.

"Dick, I didn't expect you to be so lucky. It seems that I have to bother my former leader. Dick, just wait for death!"

In a deserted area, Aphelios squatted down behind the cliff. His whole body was covered with scars. Although he was lucky enough to survive Dick's attack, the wounds on his body had caused his strength to fall to a six-stage spirit level.

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No time left. Dick directly opened the box, and a dazzling light burst out. Dick couldn't help but cover his eyes.

A moment later, the golden light dissipated and four swords of different colors appeared in front of Dick. Each sword had an extremely strong wave of power as if four powerful men were standing in front of Dick.

"Congratulations on acquiring a weapon at the medium stage of demigod-level: Four-element Sword."

"The Four-element Sword are respectively the earth sword, the wind sword, the water sword, and the fire sword. The fusion of four elements required the soul power to reach the early stage of demigod-level, and one must have the talent of four elements at the same time."

"Hint: Each of the swords is a weapon at the early stage of the demigod level. Using four swords at the same time, he could unleash the power of the middle stage of demigod-level."

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"Hint: The demigod-level weapon has a special ability and can be integrated with the user. During this period, the user's combat power will increase by 1000 stars."

Dick's hand trembled and he almost dropped the precious weapon on the ground. This was a weapon that could increase the user's combat power by 1000 stars! It was equivalent to directly increasing one's combat power by one level!

He moved his palm and pulled out the earth sword. He put his finger on the sword and gently slid it. Blood immediately flowed out and slowly melted into the sword.

"Congratulations on becoming the owner of the earth sword. You will be rewarded with 5000 points of combat power in return."

Not bad. He could even get extra combat power. No wonder it was a demigod-level weapon.

Dick was so happy that he put his heart-blood into the other three swords.

"Congratulations on becoming the owner of the wind sword. You will be rewarded with 5000 points of combat power in return."

"Congratulations on becoming the owner of the water sword. You will be rewarded with 5000 points of combat power in return."

"Congratulations on becoming the owner of the fire sword. You will be rewarded with 5000 points of combat power in return."

The sword was floating around Dick's body, and the shadows of Four-element Swords also appeared in Dick's soul. With a move of Dick's mind, it was integrated with the fire sword.

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"You have integrated with the fire sword. Your combat power has increased by 1000 stars. After the fusion state, your strength would return to its original star level."

However, when Dick tried to merge with the other swords, he failed.

"According to the world rules, you can't fuse with two weapons of demigod-level at the same time. You have to break the current fusion state before you can fuse with another weapon of demigod-level."

Dick sighed. It seemed that too much power would be limited, and there was nothing he could do.

However, just as Dick felt pitiful, the prompt tone sounded again.

? "Hint: You have successfully merged with Four-element Sword and triggered the level-S task, Picture of Deicide Sword."

"The Four-element Sword was originally a set of weapons. It was made in the same way as the Four Swords of Deicide. Those who obtained the Four-element Sword at the same time needed to find the picture of the Deicide Sword in ten days to form the Deicide Sword Array."

"Hint: After you master Deicide Sword Array, you can merge four swords at the same time and get the return of combat power by the swords."

Dick's eyes lit up with excitement when he heard the prompt. He didn't expect that he would be able to trigger a level-S task after he got the element sword.

That was an array that could allow him to fuse four swords at the same time. As long as he mastered it, his combat power would soar by 4000 stars after fusing with the swords. At that time, he would be comparable to a warrior at the middle stage of demigod-level!

"Task Hint: Picture of Deicide Sword is located on the second floor of the life attic. With the second opening of the Halidom, permission to enter the second floor will be activated at the same time."

"Task Hint: After the second round of point elimination match, the entire earth world will issue two Halidom Permits. Only the sect leader who ranked first in the power ranking list and the person who ranked first in the personal ranking list in the second round of point elimination match could get them."

Hearing the prompt, Dick's heart was burning with fire. He secretly decided that after he returned, he must sweep through the hidden forces in the second round of point elimination match and get first place in the ranking list, so that he would have the chance to get Picture of Deicide Sword.

However, Dick also knew that when the Halidom opened for the second time, the enemies he would face would definitely be stronger. There might even be masters at the true-god level.

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