Isekai Journey Of The Magic Archer

Chapter 320 Fight In Farm

[[ Master~! Thirteen hundred meters to the north. Two thousand to the west. A black monkey with basic fur skin~! ]]

[[ "Hmm. Thanks, Celes~. What about Rein's side?" ]]


[[ Sister Elle is playing with a big white monkey on the far north end of the garden~! She is having fun! ]]

[[ "Having fun? Damn... having fun while 'plying' with a (Yellow) rank leader class beast.

Remember how we used to avoid those types? And here she is, playing with one such being like a plaything.

Quite scary, if I said so myself." ]]

[[ "You know I can hear you right, darling~? And it's not my fault this group of beasts decided to attack the garden today.

Not that we didn't know, but wasn't it you who said not to ask knights and take care of them ourselves?

And the ones you are talking about must be far scarier than these cute ones." ]]

[[ "Well, that's true. The ones we came across were... I will show you someday. You will be actually shocked to see those 'unique' ones." ]]

[[ "Hehehe. Why not~? Well, I see you killed that one on the northwest.

You sure are an amazing archer every time I see your archery." ]]

[[ "You didn't even see this one, ma'am. Anyway, you have seen enough to imagine just from the results.

Well, sir crow with you is also amazing to have this ability to let you see with his eyes." ]]

[[ A blue monkey on far east~! His body is shiny and looks like metal armor. He's far and his speed is slower than the other group that came from that side. He's almost two kilometers away. ]]

'Metal body, hmmm... looks like a captain rank. But, well, that's just (Orange) rank. An arrow with flame enchantment should do for this one.'

[[ "Hmm. Thanks, Celes. Zoe is handling Anna well, right?" ]]

[[ Yes~! Young Anna is cute~! Sister Zoe and Anna are playing in flower fields in the central area of the farm.

They look cute~! ]]

[[ "Right~! They must be looking adorable among those beautiful flowers~!

Let them have some fun alone. They were just stuck with us these past two days.

We should also have some fun here, with these cute monkeys, right darling?" ]]

[[ "You know I wanna play with them, right? And they aren't even much.

You are playing with that white one for the last ten minutes.

He's bleeding all over with those small cuts.

If you keep going, he will go berserk like that teddy bear... wait, it won't.

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Damn, you are cruel." ]]

'Huuu... take the positions. Distance calculated. Target in sight. Alright... rest in peace monkey~.'

-Swiiiiiish... boom... Swiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiish!

[[ "That arrow with boom sound! Give me some next time too please~." ]]

[[ "Not a chance, ma'am. I know you will just randomly throw them and they might very well explode around you." ]]

'You already are playing around with a poor (Yellow) rank boss monster who can't even go berserk.

Do you want these arrows that I barely made to fit the standards of the monsters here? The ones that explode and increase the attack power, no less? That's not happening ma'am.'

[[ "Awww~. My darling cares about me so much~." ]]

[[ "I care about the beasts that you fight and the poor people that might be around you when that arrow explodes." ]]

[[ "So my darling doesn't care about me? I'm sad..." ]]

[[ "Shut that act and finish that poor dude. I pity him in that condition." ]]

[[ Hehehe. Sister Elle is as funny as always~. ]]

[[ "Don't enjoy the madness of that one, Celes. She's a bad person, making others suffer like that. Just look at that big gorilla-like monkey. His pure white fur is now crimson red.

Look at those eyes... those big golden eyes, filled with courage, vitality, and charisma that are now defeated, helpless, and they just want to either die trying or he might just kill himself if that torcher continues.

I know he destroyed some of the almond fields but, that is no way to torcher a beast that lead this forty-eight, wait, now it's fifty. He lead these many beasts and now he's struggling for even a breath of Mana." ]]

[[ Hmm? But they did a bad thing, right? They attacked this place first just to steal the fruits and other things.

They might have killed some of the weak humans that grow these wonderful fruits and flowers, no?

They were at fault so are we doing wrong? ]]

'Huuu... my little partner is now smart and has learned this much in this short time.

I still remember our old days in that dammed forest and it's amazing to see my darling partner talk like that.'

[[ "Well, you are definitely right, Celes.

They interrupted our time on this farm. They were the reason those gardens of flowers and some fruit storage were destroyed. And they are the reason we are here, on this tower, away from our adorable sisters.

But, they didn't kill the other humans yet, right? Neither they harmed any of us.

Many of their gang didn't even reach the inner part because we snipped them.

The leader bastard Rein is fighting in different situations. I understand that much. But... that much torcher should be alright now, right?

Celes is right but Rein isn't wrong either.

Well, watch more. Observe more. Don't miss any chance to learn something new. And don't stop learning. Ever.

Remember these things and you will grow to understand these difficult beings named humans." ]]

[[ Okay master~! I will keep learning~. Forever~! ]]

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[[ "Awww~. Look at this master-servant duo. Teach my old crow some pretty things like too, Eon~." ]]

[[ "Shut up Rein. Finish this quickly. Looks like the blue one was the last one from this side.

That one you're holding is the last one. Finish him or else I will." ]]

[[ "You dare lay a tip of those arrows on my prey!

I will finish this one on my own. How dare he walk carelessly like this on my fruit fields!

What would you do if he had harmed Anna or- wait. Yes...

The bastard who killed thirty of these annoying monkeys with a single arrow each, while still standing causally on that archer tower, would naturally just one shot this white one as soon as it exits the forest borders.

My dear Eon is a one-shot killer~!

Oh… that's why you are annoyed at this torcher, hmm?" ]]

[[ "That's not it, Rein. I know torcher methods far uglier than yours. And I can use many arrows just to make them go through hell-like pain.

But you know me, right?" ]]

[[ "Yes, yes, Mr. good but not good. My Eon is amazing. Yei~. Yei~. Wow, wow, wow. My darling is awesome~. Clap, clap, clap." ]]

[[ "That clap sound with your mouth... weird Rein. Finish him. I will inform your knights in the meantime.

It was a pretty fun exercise, but the opponents were not much fun.

You took the best one, so I had nothing to do.

And we couldn't expect anything to come out of the ones you killed so, let's just hope we get some energy core from my ones." ]]

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[[ "I will play a bit more, so take your time. They all are shocked by your archery, anyway. It will take time for them to come to their senses.

It's not every day you see a beast that was running toward you just a while ago fall to the ground with its brains or other vitals obliterated.

You didn't even use magic this time, bastard.

They will take a while to gather the dead bodies too, so just take your time with them. They already know about the new young master from Heliox house, anyway." ]]

[[ "Finish quickly…" ]]

[[ "Don't worry. I'm fine so, just go. This place isn't that big, anyway. And you can see me even if you are that far away.

Take care. And don't worry about your dear... 'friend'. Alright?" ]]

'Friend... yes. Try to be happy with just that much for now, dear. The day we change that title is still some time away.'

Anyway... everyone should already have an idea of most of the things from this conversation, right?

We just talked in dialogs lol. But there was nothing grand about this situation right now.

This was a fun place with some occasional fun things happening here and we were lucky to be here on the lucky day that the beasts that occasionally attacked came to play with us.

We hadn't had any fun thing past few days and this one... was definitely a good play thing to the two of us.

Well, just that, nothing great.

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