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Chapter 312 Rank 3, Emperor Eye

Nefion had lost all the hopes. The Void Fist Annihilation was the strongest move he could use with his current level of power, yet it was not enough to end Sebastian's life. What could he do now? Wait and die?

"Calm down. He has to be badly hurt, right?"

Sebastian had turned into something unrecognizable, and even though his body seemed to regenerate at a fast pace, there was no telling if he would get back to his former strength or he would receive permanent damage.

But as he got closer to Nefion and his body reconstructed itself, his aura also returned to what it was previously, and did not look weakened at all.

"This is… where did he find such incredible spells?" Nefion thought.

The planet they were in was a weak one, and the rank 3 was the strongest one could get while living in there. But even though some could reach the rank 3, they weren't as strong as rank 3 mages from stronger planets.

But Sebastian? The spells he used were powerful even for a top planet standards. Where did he find these? That was a question Nefion had no answer for, and now the only hope he had was Arthur's appearance.

"Nice try, old man. For a moment, you made me believe I was dead. Now, what are your last words?" Sebastian said.

He was now fully recovered, with the only exception of his clothes, which turned into nothing after the impact.

"Nothing? Good, now die!"

"Arthur, Jane, Eleonora… brother… Please, forgive this old man. We will see each other in another life…" Nefion thought.

For him, it was the end, and the regret he felt was beyond comprehension. After trying everything to stop Sebastian, it did not work, and now he would die before having the chance to revenge his dragon kind… Die before seeing Eleonora grow into a beautiful woman, and a strong daughter… Die before reuniting Eleonora with her mother again…

Then, an aura burst from far away. The wind carried by such aura uprooted trees from the ground, and made Sebastian flew back, making it impossible for him to end Nefion's life.

"Who is this?"

In the battlefield where the students were fighting, and Ouroboros had the upper hand, all of them suddenly passed out, not having the strength to withstand the aura. Even the rank 1 mages passed out!

From one room of the Ouroboros palace, a youth walked out of it. He had a perfect skin, toned muscles, and a long dark hair that touched the end of his back.

There was something off about his eyes. One had the normal color of black, but the other kept changing to a particular set of colors: white as the snow, orange like a flame, green like the forests, blue with thunders sparking on the pupil, and completely dark like the void!

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It was Arthur, and the moment he stepped out of the room after reaching rank 3, his stats changed drastically, and he gained a few more skills.

[Emperor Eye (4th of the Forbidden Eyes): The eye which belonged to one of the first 7 humans to ever exist, the Essence Master. It is said to allow the user to see the true essence of the world. Also, according to the legends, this eye allowed the Essence Master to chase down the other humans to gather all the Forbidden Eyes, but he was stopped after getting his hands on five eyes, reaching an unimaginable realm of power, one he could not withstand.]

[Current Master of the Emperor Eye: Arthur / Placidusax.]

[Previous Master of the Emperor Eye: Blood Monarch.]

"What the fuck is this thing? I got by using a part of the inheritance from the Blood Monarch, and this is the reason I am ranked 3 now!" Arthur thought.

He looked around the palace, and he could now see everything clearly! The mana in the atmosphere, the intricate lines of the magical formations inside Ouroboros, and his eye could zoom in so far he could see the particles!

"Now, let me look at my stats!"

[Name: Arthur Willians]

[Bloodline: Dragon (Legendary Placidusax), Monlog Giant]

[Rank: Official Mage (3)]

[Level: 125]

[Health: 102000/102000]

[Mana: 0/0]

[Spiritual Force: 340]


[Strength: 672]

[Agility: 599]

[Vigor: 594]

[Wisdom: 833]

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[Charm: 603]

[Free points: 125]

"All my attributes were raised by 250, which is absurd! Not only that, but with the constant sex, I reached level 125, giving me over 125 free points to use!"

Ikarus was the one who helped him, and after unsealing a part of the inheritance, he fell into a deep slumber once again. Arthur remembered he said it was impossible to use the essences to boost spells beyond the tier 12, and that was the reason only a few humans reach rank 3 on weak planets.

Tier 13 was rare, and sometimes a planet did not even have one. But, as Arthur was analyzing the spell he used to reach rank 3, which was the Emperor Eye, it was not a tier 13 spell at all!

In fact, he had a guess it was something beyond the normal scale of mages, reaching an unimaginable level of power! Arthur was unsure about its effects, but he noticed two things after getting his fresh eye.

First, it was the enhanced vision, and the second was the essence boosting! Differently from what Ikarus said, Arthur could use his essences to boost his spells up to tier 13! That was one reason the original owner of the eye was called the Essence Master!

"I need to see if everyone is okay!"

Wisa and Jane were inside the room, as it was the safest place for them in the time being. Arthur left the palace so fast no one could even see a shadow! It reminded him of one super-heroes he watched back on Earth.

He saw all the students on the ground after passing out to his aura, and in an instant he scanned all of them, and sighed in relief.

"Jim, Lucas and Liz are okay. I should take Lucas and Liz out of here!" Arthur thought.

Arthur grabbed both of them and teleported from the area, dropping the two into a forest some kilometers away from the battle. Even though it was a distant place, Arthur had taken three seconds to do all of that since the first moment he left the palace.

"Now, where is the old man? Emperor Eye!"

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His left eye kept changing colors, and it zoomed in far, far away. Arthur could see everything was perfect in a range of 2500 kilometers from where he was standing! That was something unimaginable, even for mages.

It did not take long for him to find old Nefion, who was visibly tired. He also saw Sebastian, who was ready to attack Nefion. There was no chance Arthur would allow that to happen, so he used everything he got to reach their location as fast as possible.

They were far, but it still took him only two seconds to reach them, and he appeared at the right time to block Sebastian's attack!

"Die old man." Sebastian said, sending a spear made of blood, one of his signature moves.

There was no way for Nefion to block the spell, so he had his hands down, accepting his fate. He closed his eyes, and it felt like an eternity, yet nothing happened.

"What?" Nefion thought. He slowly opened up his eyes to see a familiar youth in front of him.

"Yo, pervert old man. Chill and let me handle this loser."

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