Reincarnated With The Van Helsing System

Chapter 252 Gathering (Part 1)

Although Daimon didn't set an alarm because he fell asleep without noticing it, his biological clock did the trick, and nearly eight or so hours later he slowly opened his eyes, that and he noticed there was someone coming towards his room.

Daimon stretched his arms and after keeping the little suggestive "gift" Erin somehow left in his pillow, he got up the bed and walked towards the door, opening just in time to see Liliana who was about to knock on the door, face to face a few centimeters away from him.

"Good morning…", Liliana greeted him out of custom, but then she seemed to be lost in her thoughts, before she shook her head.

"Ahem, the breakfast will be ready in a couple of minutes, we saw a big island a few kilometers ahead of us with the periscope of the ship… and we want to stretch our legs a bit".

Daimon nodded, normal humans without any preparation would go crazy if they were trapped in a closed space for too much time, and the people from the beast races were even more hyperactive, due to their lineages.

Of course, that's something that training and other exercises can fix, but it would still feel as if they suffocated, only Arch ranks and above would gain basically full control over their instincts and impulses, and even they weren't in total control of everything.

For example, out of all the werewolves Daimon has met so far, the only one who he has seen lazing around as she pleased was Aura, all the others, elders included were unable to be quiet for too much time.

That being said, she assured Daimon that it wasn't due to her being a Half Emperor but because she gained a really high level of control over her body, which was the base of the spells she taught to Arianna.

"Okay, we'll surface and have our breakfast at the island then, thanks".

Daimon saw a rare smile flourishing in Liliana's face, before she left to help her sisters finish the breakfast.

Daimon chuckled and then walked towards the room where Scarlet and the other girls were resting, the door was open so he only knocked on the wall once to let them know he was coming in.

Compared to yesterday they looked way better, besides the fact that their wounds were mostly healed and even the scars were vanishing, their expressions overall weren't so stiff, they were all sharing a bed while talking to each other.

Apparently although they didn't know each other prior to when they tried to sneak in the magic ruin, after going through hell together, they got close to each other.

The first one to notice Daimon entering the room was Ruby, who was sitting on the border of the bed, while she swung her legs to recover her mobility after not being able to even feel them for the last months.

"Good morning, Daimon… young master, how should we call you?", asked Ruby, curious about Daimon, the Risha sisters came to check up on them earlier, and she asked them about him, but they didn't say too much since they didn't know what kind of dynamic would Daimon have with them, officially they were his servants after all.

"You can call me Daimon; formalities aren't my cup of tea", said Daimon as he looked at the other girls.

"How do you feel, I was worried that the medicines of our galaxy didn't have too much of an effect on you, but luckily that doesn't seem to be the case".

"Way better, thanks for taking those nails out~", Lapis melodious voice, made its way to Daimon's ears, and he couldn't help but raise an eyebrow, as he felt somewhat positively inclined towards her.

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Nothing too serious, it was just like not feeling awkward when alone with a total stranger, or at least that was the best comparison Daimon had.

'It's not a mental attack, otherwise Overlord's pride would have blocked it, a lineage characteristic perhaps', thought Daimon, he had a lot to learn not only about them, but about the four tribes, which he would most likely be battling soon.

Lapis noticed Daimon's reaction and she avoided his eyes, as she mumbled.

"I'm sorry, it's not done on purpose, my voice has the ability to make other people relax and feel happy, but it only works on those who have no bad intentions towards me".

Daimon shook his head.

"It's okay, if it was an attack, I would have known it…", Daimon felt the ship going upwards, which meant they arrived at the island.

"We'll have breakfast outside today, if you can walk then let's go, Amber you can carry Jade and Scarlet, I'll help Ruby".

"Mm", Amber who was the tallest out of them stood up from the bed and then carried Jade and Scarlet each on one of her shoulders, it was a funny scene which made Ruby laugh.

"Let's go, I'll help you walk", said Daimon as he extended his hand towards Ruby, she grabbed her arm and stood up with Daimon's help, unlike Jade who literally couldn't step due to her wounds, and Scarlett whose nails didn't reach deep enough to make her legs go numb and instead just caused her shooting pain.

She recovered some of her capacity to move overnight thanks to the medicines, as for Lapis and Amber they could already move almost normally although with some pain, after the nails were taken out.

Everyone went upstairs, something as simple as the breeze in their skins, felt refreshing for Scarlet and the others after being trapped in dark room, Daimon looked at the island which was a couple of hundreds of meters away from them and he used his mana sense to inspect it just in case, and found it was inhabited, there was a body of fresh water in it too, and that was good because the only fully equipped bathroom in this ship was in the captain's cabin which was Eleazar's room, the others only had a toilet and a washbasin.

The ship approached the shore and then Daimon used the master key to display the stairs which were hidden on a side of the ship, since Eleazar was a royal, they even added such a thing for his commodity.

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Everyone got off the ship and Daimon kept it in his inventory, before he took out some chairs and a table, since he travelled to the wilderness with the girls especially Aura, he had a lot of daily need furniture in stock.

'I swear, only you would use the slots of the inventory for the commodity of your lovers', said Evangeline as she sighed.

'I'm also in the inventory Eve', added Narasha.

'Good morning to you too, Evangeline be a good girl and tell me when mom enters my detection range would you?'.

This a trick Daimon learned because Evangeline slipped, apparently the system always was on watch but she couldn't say anything unless he was in danger, but there was a flaw, and as long as the soulmates where within in the range of the mental connection they had, she could tell him.

'I'm not a "soulmate radar", you know… but I have nothing else to do anyway'.

'You see, even Eve can be good if you praise her', said Narasha as she giggled, she who still had to learn about emotions, has already learned how to tease Evangeline, due to their interactions in the past years.

Daimon inwardly laughed at those two, before he helped the Risha girls place the dishes on the table, yesterday he only gave Scarlet and the others some snacks because they were more tired than hungry, but today after such good-looking food, they immediately dug in.

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Leslie was specially heart moved seeing Ruby eating quite a lot for her short stature, but it was normal it's not like they weren't fed, but they just were given enough to not "look bad" for Eleazar, but at the same to not have energy to move or escape in case they somehow untied themselves.

That being said, Daimon also ate quite a lot, using battle aura burned down a lot of calories as it was produced by the body instead of absorbed from the atmosphere like mana, and Demon Light required a lot, the Risha sisters were happy to see him liking their food, since their cooking lessons were a bit rushed, but the result was pretty decent.

Once everyone had their fill, Daimon looked at Scarlet before he asked what was in his mind, although he agreed to not meddle into the secret of their races, everything else was on the table for discussion, they were his subordinates now after all.

The girls stared at each other, before they took turns to explain the history of the galaxy they came from.

"Our galaxy is called Melize, as I told you before we have fifty habitable planets and one hundred which aren't, the four tribes which reign over most of the galaxy are the Red Bone tribe, the Rock Hoof tribe, the Bamboo Sword tribe and lastly the Tidal Wave tribe, as for the fifth force they are the spirit beasts led by a Star realm beast which took humanoid form".

"Each tribe has eight noble families, one royal family and a royal family by marriage, one King and nine Archdukes as well as dukes and other lower ranked nobles, each of the ten families has a planet and an army too".

"Ah, our races are Terrarian, Pyron, Tempest and Drea", Scarlet pointed at Amber, Ruby, Lapis and Jade in that specific order as she finished her part of the story, before Lapis took over.

"The beasts normally remain neutral, but the four Kings are always fighting between themselves, mostly because they want to steal the resources of the other, the inhabitable planets are full of precious resources, but the mana there is poisonous for living beings, so only the Lord realm and above can be there without dying… still they people from our races as disposable manpower to harvest resources, the metal used in those nails is something gotten from one the planets property of the Red Bone tribe for which they mostly use the Tempest race to get".

The next one was Jade.

"In case you wonder why our races haven't gone extinct by just accepting death and not letting them have us, is because we are born without the need of parents, no matter how much of us die, the number is always the same, we just appear somewhere else in the galaxy, there are exactly five hundred of each of our four races, 499 are "commoners" and we four are considered the royal families, we are always women too, now that I think about it, this time there was an unexpected new royal though…", Jade gazed at Ruby who was eating a candy, that Leslie had in her pocket.

"Unfortunately for some reason we can't get stronger in Melize, so even my race the Terrarian which are known for their physical strength, can't stand up to anyone on the three-star realm, I'm a bit better having reached the five-star realm after training in combat since the moment I was able to, but we live our lives trying not to be captured and finding the new ones who appear after one of the captives dies".

The last one was Ruby, who although was the youngest still had something to add to the story, the races didn't live together to lessen the risk of being captured, but Scarlet, Amber, Lapis and Jade had seen each other at least once before, Ruby on the other hand was born faraway from everything and joined the group last, so she read all the records of the Pyron to catch up with them.

"The beasts don't hunt us down unlike the four tribes, but they don't help us either… I learned it the hard way, but was lucky enough to be saved by sister Scarlet, a few days after I "bloomed", we are born at five years old from cocoons that randomly appear, and grow differently to the tribes or the other member of our races, I'm eleven years old but I will look like this until I turn fifteen, before I reach adolescence like sisters, that's how they knew I was a royal too~", Ruby was happy for a split of a second, before she remembered the other side of the aging records of their races.

"Unfortunately, none of the royals has died out of old age and instead ended their lives upon being captured, because we can choose to not wake up one day if needed, so we don't know how long are our lifespans, as for the others, it is said that the one that lasted the most after marrying one of the nobles was about forty years old".

"Also, we have tried to flee from Melize before, but there is an invisible wall at the border of the galaxy that even the Kings can't bypass, so we are trapped, I appeared at the border and was shocked when he couldn't advance anymore, although there was more ground to keep moving in my native asteroid".

"I'm the oldest 22, but all the complicated stuff is in Scarlet's charge", said Amber.

"21", Scarlet sighed, as she looked at Amber, normally the rule is that the oldest take care of the others, but she was too focused on trying to find ways to increase her strength, so she took the charge in the short period of time they spent before being captured.

"17, but I'm older than Jade~", Lapis seemed to take pride in being older than Jade.

"17, Lapis is only a few days older than me", Jade whose eyes were closed, as she enjoyed the softness of the sand, which allowed her to step without feeling her feet hurt, calmly answered.

Now that they have had a decent meal, their figures which barely scratched malnutrition, were changing for the better, adapting to reflect the ages they had.

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