The Chaos Dragon Prince

Chapter 561 The Opening Stage

Lan Rui muttered out loud, "I've heard of Lord Chen before. Every battle he participated in always showcases him completely suppressing his foes. Even other peak Divine Rulers can't last ten moves with him. There's a rumor he can even exchange moves with a half-step Holy King."

"Half-Step Holy King?" Yulong's lips curled in amusement. "I'll really believe it if I were to see it. In any case, I don't see anything too special about this guy. Our forces are superior to this."

Of course, when Yulong mentioned their force, it was mainly Cain and Amber. But even then, she and the others were certainly above other core-ranking geniuses of this generation.

It's why everyone in Cain's group wasn't really taken away by Lord Chen's appearance as much as the others.

As time slipped by, more Primal Sovereign grandmasters with their Divine Decree Lords appear.

There was only one other one of particular note for Cain. Another peak Divine Ruler Divine Decree Lord had shown up. He was Lord Chan, a genius with an extremely high affinity for Supreme Spear Divine Laws.

The Law Runes on his robe all radiated a piercing glow, harmful to any Divine Star cultivators. Looking into these Law runes would make them feel as if a sturdy spear was drawn right in front of their face.

Still, no matter who came, nothing could make Cain or Amber feel tense. The other did feel the pressure but remained confident given Cain and Amber's overwhelming abilities.

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As Cain was engaged with his friends, his eyes suddenly narrowed. It was only for a split-second, so no one else had noticed it.

But a prickling, worrisome aura was faintly detected by Cain's Divine Sense. This aura was very familiar to him and not in a sense Cain would want.

No other Divine Decree Lord can make him feel a sense of danger. But this aura made him subconsciously clench his fists.

'It can't be...just how could it be that thing?'

Some time ago, during Cain and Amber's first days as Divine Origin warriors, Cain took it upon himself to deeply explore the Lake of Stars.

In it, he had accidentally awakened a terrifying creature. That same creature nearly forced Cain into a dead end and only with the use of the traps within the Lake of Stars could he escape.

That creature should've been dead. The power radiating from that trap was at a level not even an ordinary Holy King could survive!

Cain wanted to investigate this aura. He couldn't stand to have any loose ends, especially when it concerns the safety of Amber.

However, the split-second Cain had faintly detected that creature's aura, it had suddenly flown back. As if the creature was discovered by a group, it rapidly escaped through the Void Space.

Even if Cain wanted to use his Chaos Soul Sense, the creature had already left his detection range.

Cain silently cursed. He knows it's not just his detection range, but even Primal Soverigen grandmasters wouldn't be able to detect life auras hiding within the Void Space. The chaotic rules and principles within Void Space were enough to greatly distort any grandmasters' senses.

Just this small moment wasn't able to tell Cain what was that creature's intentions were . But he didn't dare doubt it hadn't come with malicious intentions.

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From here, Cain knew he had several options to go off on.

That is to warn Elder Xi and his other friends. But the problem came in his lack of evidence. Not even Elder Xi can sense the creature at this point. Furthermore, there was also a lack of a proper explanation for being able to travel so far deep into the Lake of Stars.

Both of these are just too complicated to explain at the moment.

The only silver lining was the fact that the creature decided to mysteriously back away into the Void Space.

Still, Cain sent a sound transmission to Amber, saying, 'We need to be extra careful from here on out. Remember how badly injured I was during our trip to the Lake of Stars? Well, it appears that the same creature had arrived here for some reason.'

Amber's lips twitched, her expression nearly breaking. She hadn't experienced just how powerful that creature was. Yet, she could precisely recall how badly Cain was damaged. Even his Chaotic Teleportation could barely save him at that time.

'Could one of those reasons possibly be you? From how you describe the beast, it seems as if it had specific killing intent towards you for awakening it. Or could there be some other hidden attraction here?' Amber solemnly asked.

With a quick sweep of his Chaos Soul Sense, Cain couldn't detect anything else strange other than the floating door in the skies.

He sighed, saying, 'No clue. That creature ran off into the Void Space. Not even my chaos sense could detect it now. There is also no time to explore around now, so let's just be prepared for the unpredictable.'

Their discussion only lasted for a moment. Afterward, Cain and Amber kept their calm personas, acting as if the previous conversation didn't just happen.

At this time, where Wen Dao waited, he was calmly meditating.

All these appearances of other Divine Decree Lords gave him a considerable sense of pressure. But the highest ones had to be the peak Divine Rulers and Cain's groups.

Not even his brother could rate as high as them.

Wen Dao knew there wasn't much hope for him succeeding in the Starry Earth Realm. Yet, he was still determined to put forth as much effort as he can.

In the middle of his meditation, Wen Dao didn't expect anyone else to speak to him.

However, contrary to his thoughts, a particular sound transmission ranged through his mind.

'Wen Dao? Just why are those youngsters here with a Supreme Elder from your Holy Land? Only one of them is a slightly special Divine Ruler. While only that Lee and Xun have prowess faintly equal to half-step Divine Ruler. It seems like a waste for them to even come here.'

The one speaking to him with an absolute tone of superiority was the powerful Divine Decree Lord, Lord Chan!

Lord Chan was naturally observant of any and all small details. While the majority of the others ignored Cain's group, Lord Chan felt it was far too weird for this giant group to come just to be defeated.

Wen Dao tightly knit his brows. Truthfully, he was just as confused as him!

No news has come from Cain or Amber since they became direct disciples. There wasn't any telling how much they grew from these several months.

But Wen Dao didn't dare underestimate either Cain or Amber.

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He replied back to Lord Chan, 'These junior disciples of mine are just too reclusive. I am unsure what their thought process is. Perhaps they're seeking a breakthrough with this rare chance.'

'Is that so?' Lord Chan merely snorted before continuing his own cultivation. Such a group was all too foolish in his eye and all other Divine Decree Lords' eyes.

A heavy amount of disdain flickered in Lord Chen's eyes when he causally glanced at Cain's group. 'None of them must realize the danger of the Starry Earth Realm maze. And even with that, they're too foolish to understand the full difference of the Divine Ruler realm.'

After all, the Supreme Elders didn't yet publicize Cain and Amber's Divine Mortal tier prowess. It was only natural that these high and mighty Divine Decree Lords to think Cain's group was worth less than any when compared to them.

During the wait for the Starry Earth Realm, no Holy Land disciple mingled with a different Holy Land. They all kept to themselves.

Just as everyone was patiently waiting, a change suddenly occurred.

The floating door high in the skies had finally solidified into reality! Promptly afterward, its hinges swung open, revealing a mysterious sight.

Only a swirling, spatial portal was within the floating door. All kinds of intricate Dao Runes littered all across the swirling spatial portal. Whoever can get in would be teleported to a mystic dimension!

'It's finally open!'

Every youths' eyes had illuminated like the sun. This had officially marked the start of the Starry Earth realm!

Before anyone could think or move, Cain took the initiative! Flickers of green Chaos lights spewed from his eyes. His hands waved and a stream of Chaos energy covered by Draconic Lightning swirled out.

The covered Chaos energy instantly shrouded Cain's entire group. Slivers of Chaos energy slithered into everyone's body. But they all only felt a tingling sensation course through. Nobody dared to resist the energy sensation as Cain already told what was going to happen.

Cain took an invisible step forward, teleporting through the Void Space and instantly appearing inches from the floating door.

His appearance greatly shocked the Divine Decree Lords and even the Primal Soverigen grandmasters.

'Just what kind of movement art was that? It looked like it used the Laws of Space!' Numerous Primal Sovereign grandmasters narrowed their focus, attempting to perceive the essence of Cain's movement.

Even Elder Xi looked on with a small amount of surprise.

All the while the Divine Decree Lords felt a violent rise of frustration. It's known that whoever can reach the spatial portal first would have a huge lead over all other competitors!

It's why the Divine Decree Lords briefly hesitated before jumping right into the fray. They wanted to assess the playing field.

However, Cain gave them no such time!

Lan Rui, Jin Ya, Yulong, Xu Tao, and Hu Wen were only faintly surprised at the quick movement. They were more anticipating the mysteries of the Earth Starry Realm.

But of course, how could the other Divine Decree Lords bear to watch seemingly far weaker cultivator go first?

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