The Chaos Dragon Prince

Chapter 562 Fighting Divine Decree Lords

One of the Divine Decree Lords took immediate action. "Do not go any further! Scram out of here!"

The Fire Star Divine Decree Lord ferociously roared. His Supreme Divine Laws erupted. Luminous orange flames surged out of his body. Every streak of fiery Law Light shined brighter than a sun star and burned brighter than a sun star.

The Primal Soveirgen grandmaster overseeing could stand close without any trouble. But the other Divine Decree Lord had to back away a few dozen meters. His expression was a bit solemn.

All other Divine Decree Lords had also placed their attention on this great uprising of strength.

Overwhelming Supreme Divine Law energy principles specifically locked right down onto Cain's group.

When Cain's group stopped, they all believed it was because of the superior Supreme Divine Laws from Lord Fire.

However, unknown to all of them, Cain had purposely stopped all on his own.

Lan Rui, Yulong, Jin Ya, Xu Tao, and Hu Wen all flicked their eyes at Cain with emerging anticipation. While Amber was simply indifferent.

Cain's lips curled into a slight smirk. His Inner World power silently released. The Chaos Spirit Force, Draconic Lightning Aura, Phoenix Ice essence, and the power of his Soul Form released at merely 60% of their powers.

No overwhelming transformation smashed apart space. But a terrifying presence whirled out of Cain's body. Lines of cracked space appeared all around him.

Violent energy principles smashed all across the atmosphere, directly suppressing Lord Fire's Supreme Divine Laws!

The radiant fiery Law Lights began to intensely pulsate!

"Hm?!" Every Divine Decree Lord and the Primal Soveirgen grandmaster suddenly narrowed their eyes.

Just what kind of pressure is this?!

In terms of both density and complexity, he can match the level of a Late Stage Divine Ruler?!

"You..." Lord Fire felt his breath catch in his throat. A strange sense of suffocation tightened his chest. His mind wanted to wonder and ponder.

But there wasn't any time to think of Cain's strange prowess. Inner World energy abruptly surged throughout his body. He was now force to actually use a great amount of power to suppress Cain!

At least, that is what he thought was going to happen.

But Cain sneered with disdain. Flashes of lightning and ice glowed from his pupils. He flicked his finger, sending out a small ball of Law essence.

This small Law essence ball rippled out both overwhelming Draconinc Lightning and Phonix Ice energy principles! Blinding lightning flashes and bone-chilling cold filled the area.

The Draconic Phoenix's ball minced apart everything. The overwhelming momentum exuding from Lord Fire was directly crushed to bits!

In only a second, the Draconic Phoenix's ball was neared 100 meters from Lord Fire!

Lord Fire's eyes widened as he felt a great suppression constrict his body!

"Hah!!" An unending surge of luminous orange flames rushed out. Lord Fire's Inner World surged to a full 90%!

Within the sea of orange flames, Supreme Divine Law runes continually flashed. A cultivation art had activated, boosting Lord Fire's energy principles by several degrees.

Every speck of fire from his Laws contained a horrifying might. Middle Stage Divine Rulers would be incinerated to ashes.

But it was still useless!

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Nothing could hinder the Draconic Phoenix's ball!


Wild shockwaves whirled out. The Draconic Phoenix's ball smashed apart the sea of luminous orange flames, breaking apart the martial skill and cutting through Lord Fire's protective Divine Aura.

With the ear-piercing sound of metal smashing into metal, the Draconic Phoenix's ball smashed into Lord Fire's body.

He groaned and stuffily coughed as he was sent flying hundreds of meters back!

Only when Lord Fire gathered the full power of his Inner World could he stop soaring and just barely suppress the chaotic energy principles tearing through his body.

A dribble of blood leaked down his lips. Looking up at Cain, his emotions were thrown into turmoil.

In that moment, a weird silence ensued.

An Extreme Stage Great Divine Sea warrior causally suppressed a Late Stage Divine Ruler with a flick of his finger?

Just how can a concept even exist?!

"Unless..." The Fire Star Holy Land Primal Soverigen grandmaster gained a thought that nearly made his heart stop.

Given the expression on everyone else faces, the same thought emerged in their minds as well.

But Cain didn't give anyone a moment to think longer. He turned around, about to walk straight into the spatial portal.

However, in that moment, two cold voices shook the skies.


Just when Cain's group thought they could finally travel into the spatial portal without a hitch, two terrifying killing intents locked right on them.

Principles of Supreme Divine Laws engulfed their area, locking down the space to move!

Lan Rui felt tremendously pressured to move, much less Jin Ya, Yulong, Xu Tao, and Hu Wen with far inferior cultivation bases.

Yulong quietly muttered, "So those peak Lords are going acting against us now?"

To hear that either Lord Chen or Chao was coming after them would even leave other Divine Decree Lords greatly pressured. Even with all of their confidence in Cain, Lan Rui and the others couldn't help but feel tense.

Only Amber and Cain remained calm. Amber sarcastically asked, 'I would say to just ignore these two and go on. But you're itching for more action first, right?'

'You know me too well.' Cain directly admitted it.

Indeed, his Chaos energy could effortlessly teleport right through these peak Supreme Divine Laws auras. But, with how much Cain trained over the months, he really was itching for a fight!

Just that Lord Fire couldn't count as a true stretch of his ability.

Cain causally glanced behind him. From several miles away and rapidly approaching every second were Lord Chen and Lord Chao!

The two peak Divine Rulers knew Cain was a significant threat. They couldn't afford to lose out to him!

A brilliant Quasi-Saint silver saber had appeared in Lord Chen's hand. His presence fully unleashed, forming an atmosphere of terrifying cold killing saber!

Anyone who entered his Supreme Divine Law atmosphere would be minced down to their very bones!

Holding his silver saber out, Law Runes brightly surged along the blade. An overwhelming saber light began to rapidly circulate around the blade.

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At the same time, luminous purple lights in the form of spears rippled from Lord Chao's body. The sensation of an unbreakable spear that can defend against any attack and pierce through any defense!

All who entered his spear atmosphere would be utterly helpless. Their minds would collapse from an overwhelming sensation of inferiority.

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A radiant Quasi-Saint purple spear had formed in Lord Chao's hand. Law Runes surged all across the spear shaft. A huge gathering of spear lights revolved at the tip of its blade.

Combined together, Lord Chen and Lord Chao's Supreme Divine Law principles overruled the whole world! It even suppressed Cain's current energy principles!

All other Divine Decree Lords stayed rooted to their spots. Their eyes were completely wide as they stared at the peak Divine Rulers in utter awe.

Unfathomable pressure weighed down their chest even as they weren't close to either Lord Chen or Lord Chen.

The Divine Decree Lords from the Fire Star Holy Land quietly sighed, and Lord Fire muttered, "To think Chen and Chao had got even stronger than their last public appearance! Hmph. No matter how strong they are now, those Cloudsea brats will need to get saved."

That's what all other Divine Decree Lords believed. Sure Cain could suppress a Late Stage Divine Ruler. But the chasm between the Late Stage and the Peak Stage was an immense disparity.

Absolutely no way could Cain's group face off against two peak Divine Rulers attacks!

At this time, Cain's smile was completely wide. He flew a little above his group. Against two peak Divine Rulers, he indeed can't take this causally.

But he barely tried against Lord Fire. Now he's going to get serious. All of his powers were released to 80% of their full capacity!

Ice and lightning energy shrouded Cain's body. His presence, which was once suppressed, broke through and became thousands of times terrifying. All wanting to resist Cain would be met with a true sense of inferiority.

Bright Law light sparks filled the air. Every energy spark cracking apart space and twisting the air into particles.

Nothing could overwhelm the other.

On one side were the energy principles of two peak Divine Rulers. While the other was only a single Cain with overwhelming Draconinc Lightning Phoenix Ice energy principles.

Despite being outnumbered, neither side could suppress the others!

All other Divine Decree Lords had to hurriedly retreat from the ultimate clash of peak Divine Ruler energy principles.

The pressure exuding from every spark of law light hurt their eyes and nearly caused them to suffocate.

The Primal Soverigen grandmaster stayed calmly rooted in their spots, analyzing the clashes of energy principles.

While Cain's group was protected because of the Chaos lightning energy barrier.

"Damnit!" Lord Chen and Lord Chao were completely aggravated.

Two on one and they still couldn't suppress Cain?

They had only wanted to push Cain out of the way on their own terms. It was only coincidental that they had attacked together. But even like this, it seemed like they were equal to Cain!

Lord Chen gave a furious shot. His silver saber became blinding to the eyes.

In a blur, with speed surpassing the sound barrier, Lord Chen swiped out his silver saber, unleashing a saber light over hundreds of feet long and wide!

The massive saber light couldn't be stopped. Immensely powerful, as if a powerful titan had unleashed a heaven-shattering strike.

At the same time, with the same sound-breaking speed, Lord Chao strike his purple spear out, whirling out a huge spear light that could pierce right through the clouds!

Everything would be pierced through beneath the massive spear light. Even sturdy continents and countries would shatter to utter dust beneath the glorious radiance of this earth's sundering might.

Both of these overwhelming might fell down onto Cain at the same time!

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