The Over-Break System

Chapter 412 Tier-3 Evolution Selene

-Breathing Mana Life Cycle has been completed 90 times.-

-Your Mana Body has been entirely constructed.-

-Zero Flaws or Anomalies found with Mana Body Construction.-

-Transferring Host to their Sea of Consciousness.-

The intense pain running through her body and the loud screeching ringing in her ears vanished the second Selene appeared in her SOC. Doubled over on the ground, Selene slowly lifted her head to observe the world reminiscent of the Shadow Realm. The only difference was the occasional flicker of bloody light caused by Abyss particles floating about.

"Fuck," Selene sighed in exasperation, happy that she was no longer subjected to the harsh effects of her Evolution. Rolling over onto her back and looking up at the black sky, Selene watched the notifications scrolling by in real time as Tobs continued to read them aloud.

-Since you have completed 90 Breathing Mana Life Cycles, your Mana body has Evolved into an Advanced Mana Body.-

-You have received an Additional 1.25 times increase to your MP due to your Advanced Mana Body.-

-Your Will Power Stat has increased by 50 points.-

-Distributing Rewards from the completion of the Master Ranked Trial Quest.-

-Tier-3 Resource Stat Modifier has increased from 40 HP per point, 20 MP per point, and 20 STAM per point, to 80, 40, 40.-

-You Will Now receive 20 Free Allocation Points and 4 Skill Points Each time you increase your Primary Level.-

-You Will Now receive 3 Free Allocation Points and 3 Skill points each time you increase your Class or Sub-Class Level.-

-Your Tier-3 SAG Dark Affinity has Evolved into one of its Mutated Branches, Shadow.-

-Your Tier-3 SAG Shadow Affinity has Evolved into Tier-3 Shadow Manipulation.-

-Your Tier-3 SAG Abyss Affinity has Evolved from Tier-1 to Tier-3.-

-Your Tier-3 SAG Abyss Affinity has Evolved into Tier-3 Abyss Manipulation.-

-Both of your Manipulations are presently at the Initial Stage.

-The Titles Perfect Foundation and Reforged Body have been recognized and changed to Perfect Evolution.-

-You have broken the restraints holding you in the Mortal Stage and Advanced into the Supernatural Stage.-

-Your Mana Veins have fully formed.-

-Your Mana Codex has grown significantly.-

-Correcting the Impurity located deep in your Distribution.-

-A New Stat has been Added to your Distribution, Vitality.-

-Your Distribution has increased from 2 to 3 points per level.-

-Your profile has been upgraded to Tier-3.-

-Your Primary Level has changed from Level 35 to Level Zero; the new cap is set to 50.-

-Due to the presence of your Bloodline, your Resource stat increases will be subject to the previous Resource Stat Modifier.-

-Your Strength Stat has increased to 2849 points.-

-Your Dexterity Stat has increased to 2805 points.-

-Your Agility Stat has increased to 1854 points.-

-Your Intelligence Stat has increased to 1471 points.-

-Your Vitality Stat has increased to 2001 points.-

-Your Mind Stat has increased to 1441 points.-

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-Your Stat Cap has increased to 7850 points.-

-You no longer can use Standard Essence to Increase your Level; you are required to use a higher form of Energy, SPN Stage Essence.*SPN-XP*-

-One point of SPN-XP is equivalent to 10k Essence.-

-The conversion of XP to SPN-XP can be done, but it is time-consuming and must be done within the SOC.-

Selene felt a lump in her throat as she read through the notifications, but soon a quizzical expression appeared on her face. There was something important missing from her notifications. That something soon came a few seconds later, as a shudder ran through her body.

-Distributing Advancements due to Bloodline.-

-Your ?sir Bloodline has increased by 15%.-

-You are now 75% Human and 25% ?sir.-

-Your [Húeflúr] has expanded and strengthened.-

-Your [?sir Mode] has strengthened.-

-Your Advanced Mana Body has developed a Force-Codex.-

-You have gained the Bloodline Specific Resource Stat, OdinForce.-

-OdinForce has a multitude of uses that you will have to learn on your own, as is the Tradition of the ?sir Race.-

-You will gain one Unit of OdinForce passively every Six hours, and this Unit will be stored inside your newly developed Force-Codex.-

-All of your Basic Stats have further increased by 1.5 times. This boost is not subject to your Tier-2 modifier as the final reward for completing your Trial Quest.-

Selene was stunned and silent for several minutes after reading her stats' advancements, thanks to her Bloodline. Her eyes bounced between the numbers on the screen, and soon she realized that her initial stat boosts were a combination of the reward from her Trial Quest and the standard Evo boosts.

Initially, her STR and DEX had increased by 1.75 times because both stats were closer to her Limit Broken Stat Cap instead of the standard Tier-2 cap.

Her AGI and VIT, which were only barely over the 1200 point standard Stat cap, had received a 1.5 times boost, and lastly, her INT, and MIND, received only 1.25 times, thanks to them both being under 1200 at the time of her Evolution.

However, everything changed when Advancements in her Bloodline kicked in. Taking her stats a step further, Selene was filled with unbelievable energy. So much so that she felt that if she was back on the Battlefield, she could have easily wiped out every living being under Tier-4 in half a breath.

Although her upgraded stats made even Tier-4 opponents seem insignificant and easy to deal with, that was just an illusion caused by the adrenaline high that came along with the massive boost Selene had received to her Stats.

Grinning from ear to ear, Selene sat up and clenched her delicate-looking hands into fists before waving her hand and opening her upgraded Status Profile.

: Status :

: Selene Nilsson :

: Title - Lost Soul, Svinfylking, Perfect Evolution :

: Demi-Human Female (75% Human, 25% ?sir) :

: Age-17 :

: Tier-3 :

: Supernatural Stage :

: Primary Class - NONE :

:Former: Tier-2 Valk-Vanguard : (+7 STR, +7 DEX, +7 VIT Distribution)

:Former: Tier-1 Valk-Warrior : (+2 STR, +2 DEX Distribution)

: Sub-Class - NONE :

:Former: Tier-2 LeatherWorking : (+7 STR, +7 DEX Distribution)

: Level: 0/50 0/100: :

: SPN Stage Essence Pool(SPN-XP): 0 :

: P-Class (None) :

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: S-Class (None) :

: Distribution: 0(16) STR, 3(16) DEX, 3(0) AGI, 3(0) INT, 3(7) VIT, 0(0) MIND : +VIT

: Mana Codex & Veins Tier-3.5 :

: Stage 5 :

: Force-Codex: Stage 0 :

: Advanced Mana Body - Tier-3, 15g Resistance :

: Credits: 12,000,000 :

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: Merit Points: 5841 :


: HP 149,320/149,320 : 80 Per Point

: Mana 83,075/83,075 : 40 Per Point

: Stamina 74,660/74,660 : 40 Per Point

: OdinForce: 0/10 Units : (Passively gain 1 Unit every 6 hours)

: Stat Points- 0 : (20 per level) Class (3)

: Skill Points- 203 : (4 per level) Class (3)

: Strength- 4274 :

: Dexterity- 4280 :

: Agility- 2781 :

: Intelligence- 2207:

: Vitality- 3002 :

: Mind- 2162 :

: Will Power- 100 :

: Killing Intent- 695 - 6.25 G :

: Affinity- :

:(SAG) Tier-3 Shadow Manipulation (Initial):

:(SAG) Tier-3 Abyss Manipulation (Initial):

"What in the…TOBS!!! HOW IN THE SHIT ARE MY RESOURCE STATS SO DAMN HIGH?" She screamed while ignoring all the new information because she couldn't process everything at once. Selene's eyes bulged out of their sockets when she saw the astronomical numerals behind the letters HP, MP, and STAM, so she did the only thing her limited brain function would allow and yelled for her System AI.

Half a second after she screamed the AI's name, in a burst of Purplish Blue Light, a young lady, appearing between the ages of 17 and 21, stepped out of a circular portal.

This petite girl with two tones of white and black hair in a fashionable bob cut was holding a small glowing yellow clipboard, and when she tilted up her pretty and perfectly symmetrical face to look at Selene, she flashed a bright smile.

"Where would you like me to start, Host Selene? If you are most concerned with your MP, that is easy, post evolution, and part of your rewards for clearing your Trial Quest, you received a 1.25 multiplier boost to your INT stat." Looking away from her Host, Tobs read aloud as she read along on the clipboard.

"The difference between your initial INT Stat and your Post Evolution INT Stat was a total of 294 points, which gave you 5880 MP since you were still subject to your Tier-3 Resource Stat Modifier, 20 points. Next, you have the 5k additional MP you received from raising the Stage of your Codex to Stage 5." Using her finger to guide her line of sight, Tobs continued.

"Next, due to your Bloodline, your Stat further increased by 1.5 times, equaling 736 points. This time, you gained the Tier-3 boost of 40 points as a reward from your Trial quest. Thus, you obtained another 29,440 MP. Add on the additional 1.5 times multiplier and the 10k you have received from Cultivating the skill Host Cynrik gave you, and voila, 83,075 points of MP." Wearing a smile and holding her clipboard to her chest, Tobs met Selene's eyes, which at this moment were wholly dilated and wide as saucers, plus her mouth was hung open in shock.

"Hm? What's wrong, Host Selene? Do you feel ok? I know the Evolution was a bit traumatic, but I assure you there is nothing wrong with yo…." Tilting her head to the side and wearing a cute expression of concern, Tobs asked sweetly, only to be cut off.

"SINCE WHEN DO YOU HAVE A PHYSICAL BODY?" Selene screamed as she jumped to her feet and pointed rudely at the young lady with one white and one black colored eye.

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