The Record of Orc Civilization

Chapter 160 Pearl Harbor

Tactical Missile 1 or with his real name Goku.

After getting his first assignment in this war, Goku is very excited, along with Lordo, a sylph from his family who accompanies him in this battle.

"Goku, you know where the 8F node is right?" said Lordo with only his head sticking out of the gap in Goku's shirt. Even so, the wind blowing against his face forced Lordo to close his eyes.

"I know.. I know... The point is I just have to go to the place where the Quadruple Arachnids gather right? Even if I get lost, I just need to activate my inner eye to find out their location" said Goku casually.

Right now he was jumping from one tree branch to another very fast. Each jump Goku is able to pass a distance of more than 50 meters. So it only took a few minutes for Goku to reach his destination.

"Goku, you can't attack as you please!! Even though it's a swarm of Quadruple Arachnids but they are not in a node that has been determined by headquarters so you can't attack them! Maybe Mige has other intentions to leave the swarm of Quadruple Arachnids alone" shouted Lordo trying to defeat the wind around him.

"I know.. I know... I wouldn't be wrong, after all, I have you with me so I can't possibly get lost, can I?" Goku said with a smirk on his lips.

Goku thought male sylphs were cuter than female sylphs. They are more cowardly and more aware of their surroundings. Perhaps it was because of their cowardice that there were so few male sylphs in Tortured. However, it is this cowardice and caution that makes the male sylph such a good adviser and spy.

Almost all sylphs in the Military Espionage division are male sylphs. With the current battle using 'Modern Tactics' said by Mige, the usefulness of the sylphs increased dramatically because without their information the headquarters would be blind.

Lordo wanted to hide behind Goku's clothes again because the wind that hit him had started to make his face feel sore, but he remembered something and was forced to once again remind Goku "Goku, you know your task this time is only to buy time so that the troops in the first phase can withdraw, right? "

Goku slightly flinched hearing that "Really???"

Seeing Goku's innocent face full of questions made Lordo's head spin, "Urgh.. are you not listening to the briefing that was done at the beginning of the battle? Right now we're just buying time until the defense at Bitter Maja is complete! That's why Mige forbids doing an all-out battle! In each phase we will continue to retreat slowly until we reach Bitter Maja!" said Lordo, gritting his teeth.

Seeing Lordo raging, Goku couldn't help but scratch the back of his head "Hehehe... I forgot, after all with you by my side, I don't need to remember such troublesome things" said Goku casually.

Lordo remembered when Learn With Inyiak Goku also managed to persuade him to work together to spy on the wolves. Lordo knows he is not allowed to provide any assistance to Goku other than being his connector with the caravan. But somehow he easily melted and helped Goku. As a result, Goku managed to complete his Learn With Inyiak very smoothly and quickly.

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"Ah.. we'll be here soon, Lordo tell headquarters!" said Goku suddenly.

Lordo immediately connect his mind with Nerphyl who then automatically connected him to the Vithaen Division sylphs at headquarters.

"Tactical Missile 1 is already seeing the target!"

Goku took the steps to jump deeper and launch like a released rocket.

"Arrived at the target in 3....


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Tactical Missile 1 has arrived!" Lordo finished his report.

Goku stopped right on top of a tree 100 meters away from the Quadruple Arachnids swarm. Due to its high position and opposite wind direction, the Quadruple Arachnids' swarms are not aware of his existence.

Lordo looked at the swarm of Quadruple Arachnids with wide eyes and his face rapidly turning pale. Embedded in his vision was a black sea rippling and screaming. There were only Quadruple Arachnids before his eyes as far as the eye could see. He couldn't possibly count how many these Quadruple Arachnids were but he knew they numbered in more than thousands.

His body started to shiver at the thought that he was currently only 100 meters from that sea of Quadruple Arachnids. Before he could completely lose his courage and run away, Lordo heard Goku's voice, "Lordo, request orders to attack from the headquarters"

Lordo glanced at the faces of his friends, family, and leader. He saw Goku's glowing eyes and trembling body impatiently to jump into the sea of Quadruple Arachnids in front of them. He couldn't wait to be able to fight and rampage to his heart's content on the battlefield. Right now he only needed one leap to get his wish.

Lordo swallowed hard, he... no... all the other monster races didn't understand why orcs liked to fight so much. Maybe what the priest said at The One Church is true, orcs are the personification of the will of The One. That's why they can be considered as holy beings created by The One just to carry out his will in this world.

"Tactical Missile 1 asking the order to engage" Lordo immediately reconnected to headquarters.

If it's true that orcs were created to fight, then it's Lordo's job as Goku's sylph companion to help him from behind. Even though he can't help Goku in the fight but he will make sure that Goku will get the fight he wants.

In less than a second, a reply command sounded in Lordo's ears. "Lordo open your camera, Tactical Missile 1 you are allowed to engage" Lordo repeated the command he got.

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The smile on Goku's face grew wider, he took out a black toya from his back. This Toya was made by the blacksmith association from the claws of an arachnid warrior, so its sharpness and hardness was able to penetrate the Quadruple Arachnids' exoskeleton. "Lordo, you hide and watch me from afar" said Goku in a voice that couldn't wait to fight.

"Yes!" Lordo replied while flying towards the bushes and hiding, his eyes had turned blue indicating that Lordo was currently recording the battle that was about to take place.

Sensing that Lordo is in a safe position, Goku activates his inner eye, this way he can sense all attacks approaching his body and can read enemy movements more easily. Then...

"Bhimasuta Form Active!"

Quickly tribal white tattoos spread from Goku's waist covering his entire body. Goku didn't stop and jumped into the sea of Quadruple Arachnids.

Of course the energy explosion from Goku's body was felt by the swarm of Quadruple Arachnids. They sensed the danger from Goku but they didn't take a step back, they were assigned to find food sources in this place and they would do that until they died.

"SKREEEEEKKKK!!!!" thousands of Quadruple Arachnids screamed and charged at Goku who was still in the air.

When gravity pulled him back to the ground, Goku saw only Quadruple Arachnids with gaping mandibles waiting for him below. But Goku was not afraid, he twisted his Arachnid Claw Toya and swung it at his enemy.


Like a meteor falling to the earth, the battlefield trembled, and dozens of Quadruple Arachnids flew from the impact of Goku's body. Then what happened was Massacre.

Goku spins his Arachnid Claw Toya and every time the tip touches the Quadruple Arachnid its body will split open. Goku's Arachnid Claw Toya is like a blender blade that splits a fruit and turns the bodies of dozens of Quadruple Arachnids into juice.

But their very large number is their own advantage. Riding on the bodies of their dead comrades they jump on top of Goku one by one. Their sharp claws clawed at Goku at every opportunity, their strong mandibles clasped Goku's hands, and their horrifying claws aimed at every inch of Goku's body.

Even so, like a tank impenetrable to bullets, Goku took all the attacks and came out unharmed. His body which was already covered in biofield energy was impenetrable to Quadruple Arachnids' weapons.

Goku continued on and on while still spinning his Arachnid Claw Toya through the swarm of Quadruple Arachnids. A wide smile formed on his face, the smell of blood, the sound of screaming, and the killing intent of his enemy made Goku addicted. He wanted to stay in this place forever and feel this kind of battle every second.

Goku remembers Moku's promise to the monsters who died while fighting and training to become stronger, they will all be brought back to The One's Heaven where every second they can fight again together with their brothers. What a beautiful place it is, a place where every fighter can enjoy what he loves at all times.

Although Goku still doesn't want to die because he has to help Moku and other orcs to make Wilwatikta Kingdom stronger, he feels jealous of Laya who has tasted The One's Heaven first. Goku can only smile and wait for his time to arrive.

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