The Record of Orc Civilization

Chapter 161 Pearl Harbor Part 2

Mige and Swa see Goku's fight against the swarm of Quadruple Arachnids on the screen displayed by sylph from Vithaen Division. Their eyes and hearts are burning with the fire of envy, now they are imagining what Goku is feeling and they are feeling jealous.

This was probably the first time for a monster species to be able to see how an asura fought. Even though Moku is the first asura, his battles with mutated animals or mages have never been seen by the monsters. Either it was because the battle was being carried out in a hidden place or it was too dangerous that no one was allowed to approach.

Even though they had seen how Moku eradicated silver or golden tier danger mutated animals with ease but it was more like humans swatting mosquitoes than actual combat.

Because of that, they couldn't confirm how strong the asura really was but they knew that the orcs that became asuras were very strong. However, when they see Goku fighting the Quadruple Arachnids they change their minds.

The power of the asuras does not only come from their mantras like Brajamusti or Brajadenta, but comes from their own bodies. An orc that evolved into an asura could no longer be classified as an orc. They were distinct beings with strength, speed, reflexes, and endurance far exceeding that of an orc.

Their bodies were like steel impenetrable by bullets, with an energy biofield covering them that even the strongest inner power blows of orcs who had reached the third level of breathing technique would only tickle them. Their muscles are very flexible and strong with each cell capable of producing hundreds of times the energy so that they are able to move very quickly without losing power. The inner eye which is their sixth sense can read every enemy movement, and assess which attacks are dangerous and which attacks are not dangerous, making them seem able to see the future so as to close all possible deceptive attacks by their enemies. Coupled with the dragon prana which could heal their wounds in the blink of an eye, the orc's regenerative abilities and endurance were a joke in the eyes of the asuras.

Mige and Swa swallowed hard. They can't wait to also evolve and become asuras like Goku and Boku. The two of them were the closest orcs to reaching the third level of breathing technique. They were only a few steps away from the final level of silat and getting the title of Pandeka.

Mige and Swa believe they can become asuras even before this war ends. Therefore, even though they have a very important task in this war they must still be able to advance to the front lines and fight. There is no better training than a life-and-death battle. Their potential will be awakened when they feel their lives threatened.

Even though the training that Moku designed was hard and painful, all the orcs knew that Moku would not allow any orcs to be killed in training. So that even though they feel tortured, there is no fear of being killed in their hearts.

However orcs are a fighting race, they will not be able to escape from a battle with their lives at stake. To the orcs, stopping getting stronger was the same as dying. With The One's Heaven, even death is better than being weak. The orcs believed that there would be a future generation much stronger than them who would take their place as protectors of the Wilwatikta Kingdom, moreover the next generation would come from asuras who had genes far stronger than the orcs. Therefore they never fear death but welcome it with open arms.

"How long will the first phase troop evacuation process take to complete?" asked Mige in an impatient voice.

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"All the first phase troops have been successfully evacuated, squad 5 exterminators ask permission to join the second phase of battle and pay for their previous mistakes," reported a goblin from the Military Strategist division.

"Reject!" Mige answered firmly "They think they're the only ones who want to fight? Let them rest and prepare for the third phase. Are the Breaker Squads for the second phase already in their respective positions?" Mige asked.

"Report! all the second phase Breaker Squads are in their respective positions. Exterminator Squads request orders to immediately depart to their pre-determined positions" the goblin reported to Mige.

Mige nodded "Good, order the Breaker Squads to get ready. The second phase of Exterminator Squads stay where they are, they no longer have to wait in their previously determined positions but they will get orders from headquarters on which new node they should be next" Mige changed his strategy, with give the node after confirming the number of enemies then the headquarters can give the target to the right Exterminator Squad.

Mige glanced at Swa and they both nodded simultaneously. "I'm going to the front line with Swa, joining one of the Exterminator Squads" said Mige.

All the monsters at headquarters were shocked. One of the sylphs asked "I'm sorry commander, but who will replace you and Swa later?".

They had previously realized that Mige and Swa would definitely join the fight in the second phase. It would be cruel torture if they forbade the orcs to fight when there was a huge battle in front of them. However, Mige has not announced who will replace him and Swa to lead the headquarters and Military Espionage division. Two very important elements in this war can not be left alone without a leader.

Mige smiled proudly "You guys take it easy, even though we both don't have Nevare but we also have someone equal to her in our hearts." Mige said.

Swa just smiled and looked down.

"Widya, Lina, both of you are welcome to come in!" said Mige while looking towards the door of the headquarters tent.

Two human women entered with leather armor covering their bodies. Their clothes are no longer the simple clothes they usually wear at home but are already wearing combat clothes complete with swords slung around their waists.

Widya looked at Mige with a face full of annoyance, she felt like she was being taken advantage of by her husband who wanted to go out to have fun with his drinking buddies. While Lina came with a face full of doubts, she didn't know if she would be able to replace Swa at headquarters.

All the monsters looked at the two women and nodded. The wife carrying out the husband's duties when he wants to go have fun with his friends is something they learn from the life of Moku and his three wives.

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"Uuh.. Swa, I don't know if I can do it" said Lina full of doubts. She was just an ordinary girl with no combat experience, the first time she saw blood was when her two friends were killed before her eyes. Moreover, Lina and the other four girls were always safe under the protection of Moku and the other orcs.

Swa smiled gently his eyes seemed to be dreaming of remembering something "You will be fine Lina, you are the woman that Laya loves, I know my smart brother will not love an incompetent woman" said Swa while stroking Lina's head.

Lina couldn't answer anything, she felt that Laya had become both the driving force and the barrier between the two of them. Making Swa and Lina's relationship very boring and not fun to follow.

Mige approached Widya and patted her on the shoulder like when he greeted his fellow orc brother, "I leave everything to you my wife!" said Mige proudly, there is no doubt or worry on his face. He was very sure if Widya was able to lead the headquarters well, maybe even better than him.

However, the smile on Mige's face contrasted with what was plastered on Widya's frowning face. Right now she really wanted to put poison in her husband's food or at least kick him out of the tent when they were going to bed together tonight.

'Even Swa stroked Lina's head gently but you patted me on the shoulder like I was your male friend. Don't you think I'm a man?' Widya cursed her husband in her heart.

She didn't understand why the very smart Mige couldn't read the annoyed look on her face. She desperately wanted to open her husband's skull to find out what was inside his head. Right now she was thinking about how to kill her husband without anyone knowing, but she immediately abandoned it because later she would definitely be married off to another orc by Moku.

Even though Mige always annoys her, Widya doesn't want to marry another orc beside him, even if the orc is Moku. Well... Moku, Boku, and Goku themselves are no longer orcs but asuras.

Widya could only take a deep breath and nodded.

Mige was satisfied with his wife's answer and walked past her without saying anything. Swa also stopped stroking Lina's head and followed Mige from behind. The two orcs exited the headquarters and went to join their respective Exterminator Squads.

Widya returned her gaze to the monsters who were just silent. "What are you looking at? Return to your respective positions! Report to me every move of the Breaker Squads! Have they arrived at their respective positions? How about the plan to break up the enemy formation? Is the ground dry and we can use the same method as the first phase?" Widya gave a series of questions and orders that made the entire headquarters return to work.

Lina encouraged herself and also started giving orders "What about the sylphs on duty? Have they started hiding? Don't let any sylphs possess animals bigger than frogs because the enemy will soon know their location. Try for the sylphs to hide behind green leaves so they can be perfectly camouflaged with their surroundings!"

And with that, the headquarters was filled with frenzy again.

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