With My System, I Can Even Tame Gods

Chapter 178 Sudden Mission (1)

Lin Fan just looked at the two of them with a surprised look on his face for a long time.

After a long period of silence, he finally said, "What are you two talking about? You shouldn't be in this place, it's dangerous here!"

Lu'er and Lan'er looked at each other with confused looks as they couldn't understand what Lin Fan meant by "dangerous".

But in the end, they took out a letter that they gave Lin Fan and said, "This is a letter for you from the mistress."

Lin Fan took the letter and looked at it with a curious look. When he read what was written on it, he couldn't help being stunned.

"I figured that you would need some people to take care of you, so I sent Lu'er and Lan'er. If you want, they can even serve you at night."

Lin Fan didn't know what to make of this note at all…

It was almost as if Yue Lan was giving her permission for him to make a move on these two girls.

As soon as this thought passed through his mind, Lin Fan immediately shook his head to shake these thoughts out.

But he also couldn't help sneaking a peek at Lu'er and Lan'er during this.

Lu'er and Lan'er didn't miss this and asked with smiles on their faces, "Young master, do you want a bath or some food first, or do you want…us?"

Lin Fan couldn't help stumbling two steps back as he heard this famous line from his previous life…

The fact that they were even dressed up in a maid's outfit…He really couldn't help feeling some strange things…

But he still stuck firmly with his heart because he wasn't ready to accept these two yet.

He didn't know anything about them, so it really was awkward for him.

So he replied, "I'll take a bath first."

Lu'er and Lan'er took one arm each and said, "Do you want us to help you wash your back?"

Lin Fan quickly moved out of their grasp and took another two steps back before saying, "No need, I can wash myself."

Then before even giving them a chance to say anything, he ran off to the bathroom.

Both Lu'er and Lan'er had disappointed looks on their faces, but then they turned to each other with determined looks on their faces.

Lan'er said, "The mistress said that it would take time for him to accept us, so we just have to work hard."

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Lu'er nodded in agreement.

The next morning, Lin Fan was quite tired when he came down for breakfast.

As a cultivator, he would have been fine even if he didn't sleep for a day, but what happened last night really exhausted him.

First, the two girls kept trying to come into the bath to help him wash up.

Then they kept trying to sneak into his room to sleep with him. He had to stay up almost the entire night just to keep them out…

That was why he was confused when he came down the next morning to see them filled with energy.

But what he really didn't know was just how powerful girls in love were.

After another morning of being harassed by them, Lin Fan headed off to the Mercenary Guild.

Since he was here, he figured that he would do some missions and earn some reputation at the Mercenary Guild. He knew that he needed to earn the respect of the other mercenaries before he could get any information from them, so he wanted to use his power to help establish his reputation.

But what he didn't expect was…

When Lin Fan arrived at the Mercenary Guild, he found that it was strangely filled with more people than usual. Moreover, these were all people that he recognized since they were people that he had met at the bar last night.

All of them surrounded the young mercenaries he had met first and they all had grim looks on their faces.

Even the owner of the bar had come to the Mercenary Guild as well.

It was clear that something big had happened.

Lin Fan just slowly made his way over and asked one of the people at the side of the crowd, "What happened?"

That person was surprised to be talked to, but he quickly recognized Lin Fan and said, "The Fire Thunder Goose Squad just got assigned a mission from the Mercenary Guild."

Lin Fan revealed a confused look as he asked, "Is there something wrong with that?"

That person then added, "It's a mission that comes from the president himself."

He didn't say anything else after that, but there was no need for him to say anything else since Lin Fan understood what he was implying.

All of the missing mercenaries had been related to the president, so this mission that the young mercenaries received was certainly related to this as well since it came from the president.

That meant that they had been chosen as the next target.

While Lin Fan was lost in thought, the owner of the bar suddenly noticed him and left the group surrounding the young mercenaries to come over to greet him.

Lin Fan was surprised to see the owner coming over, but then the owner said, "Let's go and have a talk. I have something that I want to discuss with you."

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When the young mercenaries saw the owner heading towards Lin Fan, they thought that he was causing trouble for him, so they quickly came forward to stand in between them as Xiao Huo said, "Boss, it isn't what you think. Big brother Lin isn't involved in this matter at all."

They had thought that the owner of the bar was suspicious of Lin Fan and was blaming him for them being chosen for this mission.

But what they never expected was that the owner of the bar would pat Xiao Huo on the shoulder and say, "I know, I just want to have a little talk with our friend here. It won't take long at all. I'm not planning on doing what you think I'm going to do."

Xiao Huo just revealed an awkward look before moving out of the way.

He had known the owner of the bar since he was young since the owner of the bar was one of his father's companions when his father had been a mercenary. It could even be said that the owner of the bar had been one of the people who had watched him grow up.

Since they had known each other for so long, it was easy for him to tell that the owner of the bar wasn't lying.

So he stepped out of the way in the end.

The owner of the bar came over to Lin Fan and gave a gesture for him to follow before walking out of the Mercenary Guild.

Lin Fan couldn't sense any hostile intent from him and he was curious what the owner of the bar wanted, so he followed him out.

The owner of the bar brought him over to a nearby cafe before heading into a private back room in that cafe. Based on the way the owner of the bar talked to the master of the cafe, it was clear that they already knew each other and were quite close to each other.

After coming into this private room, the owner of the bar gestured for Lin Fan to sit down in front of him.

Lin Fan sat down at the only other chair at this table and waited for the owner of the bar to speak. However, the owner of the bar just looked at Lin Fan for a long time before suddenly giving a sigh.

Even after he gave the sigh, he just sat there with a wistful look on his face which made Lin Fan feel quite awkward.

He didn't know how long the silence lasted, but the owner of the bar finally said, "I want you to do a favour for me."

Lin Fan raised a brow when he heard this, but he didn't question this as he asked, "What kind of favour?"

The owner of the bar looked right at Lin Fan and said, "I want you to go on that mission with those kids and keep them safe for me."

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Lin Fan didn't reject this right away and instead, he asked, "What is in it for me?"

The owner of the bar replied, "I know that you approached those kids for information, but you won't get the information you want from them. You could also try to get information from eavesdropping at my bar or approaching my customers, but I can also guarantee that you won't get as much as you want. So instead, I'll offer you that information instead."

Lin Fan narrowed his eyes to look at the owner of the bar for a few seconds before suddenly saying, "That still doesn't make it worth it for me to go. I don't know who you are and I don't know what kind of information that you have, so why should I risk my life like this?"

The owner of the bar didn't reply to this question and after a period of silence, he said, "I know that you like the kids, so I know that you'll also accept this favour. I also know that you're much stronger than I am, so it won't be a problem for you to help those kids."

Lin Fan didn't say anything in response to this.

The owner of the bar saw this and said, "The president isn't in the Mercenary Guild right now and I know where he is." After another period of silence, he added, "It's related to the City Lord Manor."

At this, Lin Fan's eyes finally showed signs of being moved.

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